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Can There Be Unconditional Peace In The World?

All we want is peace
All we want is peace
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Can there be unconditional peace in the world when all that is being witnessed are false starts and stops and disingenuous actions or lack there of. In a discussion I had early today, the thought of universal peace was presented as a figment of the imagination and not to be expected. Although there will be lulls and escalations, ebbs and flows if you will, there will seemingly always be a return to conflict.

Let us take a game for an example. In the game, you have 50 players in a room all working in concert to get ahead in their positions in the game. Of course, there are rules to follow, but as it always comes to pass, someone feels the need to break the rules in order to further their agenda despite the possible consequences of those actions. Their risk analysis is to determine ahead of time what the possible consequences could be and determine if the action they intent to take will be justified in the overall accomplishment of their goal or mission. Now, there are those that don't thoroughly think of the possible outcomes or risk to themselves or others and learn the hard way later, but for now, we will only address those who do think it through.

Possible consequences of breaking the rule in this type of setting are losing points, being removed from the group and being banned from the game, either permanently or temporarily based on the severity of the actions. Though those are worse case scenarios, the likelihood of any one of them actually happening is very small. If enough people in the group harmoniously complain about the infraction, the the possibility of some action being taken will most likely happen but, if most stay silent on the matter, it will continue, fester and grow into an even worse issue down the road.

The moral to all of this is that the world we live in is more complicated than we seem to accept and just as the gamers have actions and consequences to consider, so do the world leaders and us, as member of the world's population. So, think about the consequences of your actions before taking the actions in the first place and you may find that you can make your's and your neighbor's lives much easier and find the peace that is lacking in the world right now and always.