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Can't workout? 6 Easy exercises for overweight and obese people

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Many overweight and obese people want to work out. However, the extra weight they're carrying makes it hard to stick to a workout program.

Overweight and obese individuals usually get too tired and out of breath when they exercise. Due to the extra weight they're carrying, they usually have painful joints. Others deal with painful numbness and tingling of their legs and feet due to neuropathy associated with diabetes.

When overweight and obese individuals are unable to tolerate regular exercise and increased physical actvity, they miss out on many health benefits of exercise, including appetite control, increased metabolism and stress reduction; in turn, these can lead to belly fat loss and lasting weight control.

Inactivity and lack of regular exercise are important contributing factors for the growing obesity epidemic in the United States and other industrialized countries.

6 Easy exercises for overweight, obese and other ability-challenged people:

1. Studies have shown that working out with vibration exercise machines can be an effective way for overweight or obese people to lose excess weight and achieve lasting weight control. The vibration platforms can help build muscle as well as boost weight loss and fat loss with less work. Vbration exercises can be done quickly.

2. Chair aerobics and resistance exercises may be more comfortable and tolerable for ability-challenged individuals. Regular exercise can easily be modified and performed in a seated position. You can increase fitness and toning by using resistance bands and small weights.

Chair exercises can be performed in a group class setting or at home using videos. You can get books and other resources for chair exercises from or your local library.

3. Water workouts are easy on the joints and can burn a lot of calories. Water aerobics exercises include swimming, walking in the water and other workouts using fitness equipments. You can increase metabolism, fitness and toning by using aquatic fitness equipments to take advantage of water resistance. You can get inexpensive swim ankle weights and water fan paddles from or your local sports equipment store.

4. Chair yoga can help improve flexibility, fitness and strength. In addition, it can also reduce stress and promote better sleep which are important for belly fat loss and lasting weight control. You can get books and other resources for chair yoga exercises from or your local library.

5. NEAT movements are easy ways to sneak exercise into your day and burn 500 extra calories a day or more.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) are small movements, such as, tapping your feet, stretching your legs or standing. These short bursts of "exercise" throughout the day can burn as many as 500 extra calories a day or more and can add up to a big weight loss.

6. Chair dancing can boost metabolism, fitness and weight loss. It can reduce stress and prevent belly fat build-up. Due to its interval-training effect, it can also lead to increased metabolism and faster weight loss. Chair dancing is a lot of fun; so, it's a good strategy for lasting weight control for most people. You can get books and other resources for chair dancing from or your local library.

Can you really lose weight just by doing easy exercises?

After reaching a peak weight of about 1,320 pounds, Manuel Uribe (featured on television documentary, The World's Heaviest Man) lost approximately 400 pounds with the help of doctors and nutritionists. He lost hundreds of pounds by following the Zone diet and by dancing in bed.

By doing easy exercises, overweight, obese and other ability-challenged individuals can enjoy health-promoting benefits of increasing physical activity. Exercise-associated metabolic boost, stress reduction and appetite control can lead to increased belly fat loss and weight loss. Taken together, multiple benefits from increased physical activity and regular exercise can lead to lasting weight control.



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