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Can't Stop, Won't Stop! Week 2 of Jamie's Weight Loss Journey

An amazing 18lb loss!
An amazing 18lb loss!
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It has been three weeks since Jamie embarked upon her amazing fitness journey. Her progress is nothing short of amazing:

Current Weight: 203lb (18lbs lost)

Current Body Fat: 27.7% (down 1.8%)

Jamie's progress has not come without challenges. "Cardio (cardiovascular exercise) is a HUGE challenge for me. Since I played basketball of my life, I never had to really do cardio machines or just go out and run for the heck of it. It is still the hardest part of my work out, but I vary it through interval training on the treadmill, jumping, spin, and the stair stepper. Resisting french fries is also a challenge for me!"

Aside from exercising, Jamie keeps herself busy as a middle school girl's basketball coach. She loves sports and the opportunity to motivate and inspire others. She also volunteers with a family from Berma; helping them to learn English.

How does Jamie stay motivated? "I've created a vision board that I spend 5 minutes a day looking at and reflecting on. I am also very motivated by The Biggest Loser contestants."

Next week find out Jamie's life mantra and who she looks to for inspiration.


  • Ms. C. V. 5 years ago

    I am proud of Jamie's determination. Weight loss is hard requiring not only self motivation but mental determination. I wish you continued success on your journey Jamie.
    A fellow teacher

  • Celindy Kellum 5 years ago

    All I can say is WOW!!!! You go girl!!!!

  • Jay 5 years ago

    Great stuff. Keep it up!

  • Glenda M 5 years ago

    Jamie is one of the most determined and goal oriented young ladies I have ever known. While weight loss is a huge challenge, I know Jamie will be successful!!!!
    Jamie, I'll be cheering for you every pound of the way!!!
    I'm very proud of you!!!!

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    Thank you ALL so very much! Your encouragement keeps me going and inspires me daily!!!

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