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Can't-miss summer concerts

We Are Augustines
We Are Augustines

Ah, glorious summer is upon us. A time to reconnect with good friends over drinks, terribly burnt hot-dogs (hey, I like 'em crispy), and hopefully some suh-weet tunes. With a plethora of acts entering into the NYC circuit over the next 12 weeks, it may be hard to discern which act is worth shelling out your hard earned to see.

The concerts listed below are three guaranteed to put on a great live show. You may not be a fan of their singles, and are therefore completely unaware of their b-sides, but when these groups take the stage each exudes something intangible that rocks the house.

We Are Augustines

When: Tuesday, July 17

Where: The Outlaw Roadshow in Brooklyn, NY

How Much: Buy tickets for about $50.00 by clicking here

Songs you should download: "Chapel Song"; "Ballad of a Patient Man"

There's something euphoric about the opening string of piano keys that opens "Headlong", the lead single off of We Are Augustine's debut LP Rise Ye Sunken Ships, that immediately tugs all of the right heartstrings without apology. The secret to WAA's seemingly sudden, and somewhat unexpected, success is how the band-members combine pathos-soaked lyrics with fast back-beats and fancy guitar-riffs to get the listener going. Each track is fueled by raw emotions, and this palpable charge is only heightened during live performances before sold-out crowds.

While they're technically not headlining this tour, they are, undeniably, the feature attraction and arguably the best band touring America today. Do not miss this show!

Matt and Kim

When: July 28-29

Where: The Catapla NYC Music Festival on Randall's Island

How Much: Buy a one-day pass for about $100.00 by clicking here

Songs you should download: "Daylight"; "Let's Go"

A punk/alt. rock duo from Brooklyn, NY, Matt and Kim's affable nature has come to define their intensely engaging sound. During a 16 month world tour, the duo garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike, which propelled the pair to worldwide fame. Now, Matt and Kim are preparing for a second act, and their fans should expect great things during this line of performances as the only element M&K have added are new songs to an already comprehensive set-list.

Even though they're playing a festival and will be squeezed in among a slew of other acts, including headliners The Black Keys, they're worth the price of admission.

Ben Folds Five

When: Friday, September 14 @ 6 PM

Where: Central Park

How Much: Pick up a ticket for around $50.00 by clicking here

Songs you should download: "Brick"; "Army"; "Don't Change Your Plans"

Ben Folds Five is one of the best alternative rock bands of all time, and severely under-appreciated by casual fans and professional music critics alike. After brief flirtations that included rumors of a new album and even a one-shot concert in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that has become legendary, the band is back and primed to release their first slew of fresh tunes in over a decade.

This might be your last chance to catch a timeless pop-group, because if they break-up again, don't count on a second reunion.



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