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Can't Make Up Your Mind? Barbecued Fried Chicken!

Can't Make Up Your Mind? Barbecued Fried Chicken!
Can't Make Up Your Mind? Barbecued Fried Chicken!
Chef Larry Edwards/Casa de Cuisine

Sometimes the best things in life either happen due to an accident or because of an idea which seems warped. A perfect example of an idea happening by accident the first time someone at Hershey's dropped a piece of chocolate into a jar of peanut butter and created the taste sensation known as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

A perfect example of a warped idea turning into something unreal, is this recipe! I couldn't decide if I wanted fried chicken or barbecue chicken. Not wanting to have to make-up my mind, I did what any professional Chef would do, I created a dish and gave into both of of my wants. I fried a chicken and then I barbecued it and yes, it is almost that simple... almost!

There is no real recipe for Barbecue Fried Chicken but there are some steps you must take to turn the pieces of the bird into something edible. First of all, prepare your fried chicken as you normally would. Feel free to use my method for perfect fried chicken available at this link .

Once the chicken has been fried, you want to prepare it to be barbecued (or if weather does not permit barbecuing, use your broiler). Prepare whatever barbecue sauce you prefer. Most times I use a bottle of very high quality barbecue sauce and add whiskey, brown sugar, raspberry vinegar and hot sauce.

Take your fried chicken and submerge it into the barbecue sauce. Yes, you want to soak the entire piece of the fried chicken in the barbecue sauce and let it bathe in the sauce about a minute or two.

Next you want to place the chicken either on the grill or on a baking pan and place under the broiler. Since your chicken is already cooked (fried) what you are doing here is caramelizing the barbecue sauce. Broil or grill the chicken just until the sauce begins to "char" - this is actually the sugars caramelizing. Then, if you're like me, you remove the chicken and once again bathe it in the barbecue sauce and repeat the grilling or broiling -- or you can eat it after the first grilling/broiling.

What you will end up with is simply one of the most delectable chicken dishes your mouth will ever encounter. Due to the fact you first fried the chicken, you will have that incredible texture and seasoning (and crisp skin) of fried chicken. Because you also barbecued the chicken, you will have the pungent spicy zest of the barbecue sauce. Good God, this is simply chicken nirvana!

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