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Can't hit the gym? Hit the slopes instead

Some people think that the only way to work out is to hit the gym everyday of the week. This is false. Many activities out there give a better workout and burn more calories than just changing your shoes and hitting the gym everyday. Skiing is one of those. Skiing or snowboarding can burn more calories than a 20 minute job on the treadmill.

Winter's in Pennsylvania can be tough. But they can also be a great workout. One hour of shoveling snow can burn a great deal of calories. If downhill skiing isn't your forte, try cross country skiing or even tubing. Tubing on a small neighborhood hill can be a workout because the walk back up the hill is equivalent to running up hill on a treadmill. Playing some football in the snow is a tougher workout than playing over the summer because the snow provides resistance when running.

So next time Mother Nature throws the white powder our way don't cuddle up in front of the fire with a good book. Instead, throw on the snow boots, bundle up and burn away the calories, instead of burning away the winter inside. Winter is our friend. It can be your winter wonderland gym.


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