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Can't get your man to commit? Top 5 strategies that don't work

Can't get your man to commit? Here are some strategies that you should avoid using.

1. No tricking and no games.
This is not the time to be playing games by tricking a man into commitment. This is the # 1 thing that will push your man away. Tell him how you honestly feel. Be open and honest, no tricks or games. This is serious stuff!

2. No more pleasing.
No more making his meals, running errands, cleaning his apartment or doing his laundry. If you do these things and have no commitment you could be taking on a motherly role.

3. No ultimatums.
Giving ultimatums can be disastrous! You cannot force someone to commit. Giving an ultimatum may work in some marriages where behaviors are affecting the marriage but for the most part avoid the ultimatum. Instead look at your options and openly discuss. Do not give ultimatums.

4. No emotional rescue.
You cannot be the savior and rescuer of his emotions. This often happens when women feel emotionally disconnected from their man. If you are emotionally disconnected, this man may never commit. This is the perfect time to re-identify with yourself. You must stay true to your path, not his!

5. No more benefits.
If you are serious about a commitment yet still give him all the benefits, why would he commit? Men respond to no contact. Set some new healthy boundaries with your man.

In any relationship, you must throw your feelings out there. You cannot hide or stuff your feelings. If you are serious about getting a commitment, you have nothing to lose by being open and honest about having an exclusive relationship with your man, make sure he knows this. One of life's treasures is the gift of love. If you are giving all your love, time and devotion but get nothing in return, let that be a red flag to you.

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