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Can’t afford his shoes, paint a little Louboutin on your finger nails

If you ever dreamed of owning a pair of those red soled Louboutins but know it’s just a financial fantasy, you can now wear the famous French footwear mogul’s nail polish on your fingers and toes. Yup, he recently launched Rouge Louboutin, a rich red lacquer that sells for $50 a bottle.

Louboutin Rouge only $50
Christian Louboutin

His website describes the nail lacquer as “a timeless, vibrant red suited to any skin tone. A true objet d’art of a dramatic 8-inch height inspired by the tallest heel Rouge Louboutin ever created- the Ballerina Ultima.” The polish comes in a faceted, weighted glass bottle with an unique ombré effect and tall slender cap, inspired by calligraphy.

Applying the polish is intended to be a work of art with a custom-designed, patented triangular brush that absorbs just the right amount of formula, without air bubbles, to deliver flawless, chip-resistant coverage. Louboutin says that the highly pigmented, super glossy formula delivers in just two coats the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer. The finish is supposed to be akin to patent leather.

In an article in today’s (August 17) Los Angeles Times, Fashion Critic Booth Moore wrote that the lacquer was 2 ½ years in the making and a collaboration with New York-based Batallure Beauty. Rouge is only his first, there will be more colors come the fall and beyond. Louboutin says that the “red sole was created from nail polish and that he is giving back to nails what the shoes took from them many years ago.”

While his handbags, shoes and accessories are priced for well-heeled superstars, fashionistas and big splurgers, at least anyone who can’t afford his other luxuries can proudly paint their nails with his product and boast that they own some Louboutin.
There are Christian Louboutin stores all over the world, the closest for Angelenos is at 650 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, (310) 247-9300. To get a glimpse of his new collections go to

Watch the video for more on Louboutin shoes, we couldn't locate one on his new nail lacquer.

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