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Can someone turn on the lights?

The ceremony site in pale purple LED lighting by Marcus Rollins Lighting
The ceremony site in pale purple LED lighting by Marcus Rollins Lighting

Doesn’t the reception venue already have lights? Yes, there are lights, but the purpose of said lights are to illuminate the room- not to create mood, atmosphere or even to perpetuate a wedding theme. Enter the lighting specialist. Marcus Rollins of Marcus Rollins Lighting says “Lighting is the new floral.”
As women have become more tech savvy, the demand for event lighting has increased and is often one of the first items discussed in tandem with décor, according to Marcus. He is normally included in the initial meetings when theme and décor are being determined, as the lighting contribution can be significant.
As with most aspects of the wedding, you can count on hundreds of amateurs to flood the market place when a trend emerges. Take the recommendations of the reception venue when calling upon lighting specialists- and when you make contact, ask for references and make certain you can view examples of their work either in photos, video or live. People without the slightest understanding of power let alone light are getting involved in this business and in addition to failure to produce the promised product, there is a matter of safety to consider.
Marcus sites the necessity of knowledge and education in this realm as improperly installed or rigged ceiling lighting can become deadly as well as can a power surge and subsequent fire.
If cost or budget are an issue- consider a professional lighting company and opt for less costly options such as uplighting- where cans covered with colored gels are placed on the floor casting a glow upon the nearby walls. This is considerably less expensive than LED lighting that has quickly become the rage among brides.
LED lighting is the Bentley of event illumination as the capabilities of the system are seemingly endless. An entire ballroom seating fifteen hundred people can be awash in deep gold and within seconds transition to a soft pink- or begin as a light blue and deepen into a rich and royal blue as the event drifts into the later hours taking on a more club like ambiance.
There is no doubt lighting can transform a room and within seconds alter the mood- from formal dinner to hip hot and happening dance club. As a great deal of money is spent on floral centerpieces, it is more common than not to make certain the arrangements are hit with spot lights to help draw the eye to them. Spot lights can also be used to track an elaborate first dance or create a focal point for the speeches.
With larger spaces with high ceilings, it is often difficult to fashion a more intimate feel- up lighting and Gobos can be strategic here. Gobos are custom fittings attached to lights which project anything from monograms of the couple’s initials, the American flag, a family crest or even a star filled sky. Lighting is the perfect way to generate warmth and create depth in a Spartan or sterile reception venue.
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Brandi & Jason Maxiell at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Las Colinas, Texas
Carmine LiDestri/ Visual Image Photography


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