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Can social media destroy the real thing

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I think that most of us can admit that we spend too much time on social media sites that include a realm of networking opportunities. When I should be writing the next article, I have found that my ten minutes originally scheduled on Facebook has turned into a half hour. I could have been more productive in that time. And I am not as bad as some who spend the majority day connected, in fact, a media they have to check before that first cup of coffee in the morning.

But when we overindulge and it begins to take over your life where you are spending less time looking for that new career you need to focus, spending live time with the ones you love and feeling like you have accomplished nothing, then social media is nothing more than another addiction exactly like alcohol and drugs. Actually, an internet rehab program exists founded by Dr. Kimberly Young in 1995 which is called the Center for Internet Addiction.

And as the addiction progresses, because they always do, you start to advance into sites that will hurt your career search, personal life as well as a business you may be promoting. Your comments are sloppy which could cause negative feedback. The more time you spend on social media, the more moods you may take on…those changes in temperament can be misconstrued. This hurts you in more ways than you can imagine. It is your reputation and once ruined, it can be very challenging to renew for some time.

If using a Facebook page for business, always tie comments back to your purpose. Studies have shown that more Facebook likes are concentrated on positive comments, believe it or not. Regardless of what site you are on, I can’t say it enough that badmouthing, swearing or even political ranting and raving which will eventually become offensive to someone out there especially if you have a large account of friends. Over 600 friends should be reserved for a business don't know them. It is a good practice to keep your friends and family accounts separate, however, nothing is safe on the Internet. Remember that.

Two thirds of hiring managers check Facebook and even insurance companies are turning to social media especially when handling personal injury cases. If you have applied for a life insurance policy and claimed that you are a moderate drinker, better be careful about your online presence. There have been disability cases and payments have been stopped because of too much out there about you that goes against original claims and this can happen months/years after the claim has been accepted.