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Can 'Pompeii' pull off a win?

"Pompeii" set to explode.
"Pompeii" set to explode.
Box Office Mojo

With the popularity still strong for "The LEGO® Movie," could it be possible that it wins again? It could as the newcomers will need a big outing to top it.

Perhaps "Pompeii" has the right ingredients or the latest Kevin Costner vehicle, "3 Days to Kill." But the mass appeal still seem to be with the toys. "Pompeii" tells the gladiator tale of love and honor. Oh, and the volcano. One cannot forget about Mount Vesuvius. How can anyone forget about that as the word Pompeii invokes it, like it or not? People may not know Mount Vesuvius, but they know Pompeii.

The main ingredients here are Kit Harrington as Milo and Emily Browning as Cassia.

If the premise of them battling for their love amid corruption and disaster, then it is a film to see. If not, word of mouth could doom it. But still, "The LEGO® Movie" is in over 3,000 theaters and the newcomers are not. That alone will ensure that they need to do much better.

1. "3 Days to Kill" - 2,872 theaters
2. "Pompeii" - 2,658 theaters
3. "In Secret" - 266 theaters
4. "The Wind Rises" - 21 theaters

Costner, meanwhile is back on the big screen in "3 Days to Kill." He was also in the recent release "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." Here he is the lead and searching for a terrorist and his daughter at the same time. Sounds like plans overlapped here. The need to do both at the same time has to lead to danger. Got it and that will add to the drama.

That one, too, has the ingredients, but can it put it all together?

"In Secret" stars Elizabeth Olsen, Jessica Lange and Oscar Isaac, among others. Based on the novel, the period piece delves into the usual items as love and affairs. The acting will drive this one.

The Oscar-nomination animated film,"The Wind Rises" gets its small release as well this weekend. It has been praised for its visual journey but when that happens, the story is usually left behind. But, it does have that nomination, so it rose about many others.

So far, 2014 has not been bad at all at the box office. That only means something has to fall in a big way soon.

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