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Can People Guess Your Age?

Nutritive Body Cleanser
Nutritive Body Cleanser

They can never guess mine! That is without asking me questions like, how old my children are and that's cheating! At a very young age I was determined I wouldn't allow years to age me, and I must say I am winning that battle. And wrinkles are only a small part of it. I presumed that wrinkles are only the result of what is going on inside my body. If I could keep that from aging, then everything else would follow, and it did.

You see, advertisers would like you to think that if you applied their product to your skin, that would solve the problem of wrinkles and other related signs of aging. Bull hockey! I got better things to spend my money on than their expensive creams and lotions!

Good nutrition and supplementing what your body gets depleted of over the years is the key that unlocks the aging process. Okay, I am about to start sharing my secrets, so take notes, I don't do this very often!

First I start with DHEA, an age-defying hormonal supplement that depletes with time. In this case, more is not better, instead more can cause adverse side effects, so we want to take this prudently.

Foods that are high in protein and low in fat are my other plan of attack. No, you don't have to buy those protein drink mixes, but if you tend to be one of those who's breakfast consists of coffee and a dougnut, a whey protein drink mix would be a definite plus. A diet high in protein helps build collagen that lies under the skin and helps support it. It also helps you to feel full so you aren't tempted to eat or snack too much on convenient unhealthy foods.

Now I still care for my skin. Skin needs to be nourished as well which is why I am careful not to pollute it with anything synthetic or unhealthy. Whatever you put on your skin does absorb into your system so the ingredients of any type of soap, lotion or bath products should be considered. I found a line of products called Skin Below the Chin that fit the bill for me. They offer liquid soap, lotion and body sprays that come in my favorite scents, lavendar and vanilla butter.

It's never too late to consider changing your daily habits and try including some healthier choices for a healthier you!


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