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Can Mitch Landrieu put New Orleans in recovery mode?

Mitch Landrieu the first white mayor elected in more than three decades in New Orleans, still remains a majority-black city. But after the devastated Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is remarkably different than it was five years ago.

New Orleans saints made it to the Superbowl the first time in its 43 year history and wins. Some of New Orleans areas has been rebuild, and communities are coming together.

But its that vexing matter of race, New Orleans once had a pretty strong vibrant black political class. Now it has a white mayor, who has installed a white police chief and an elected white district attorney, this is a swift shift. but there is nothing wrong with that, Now Landrieu's New Orleans is a tale of two recoveries.

The wealthier white area in Lakeview has returned, but the lower ninth ward called the "poster child of Katrina" still has no money to help rebuild and put into it. where there are in some areas mostly grass has grown taller than any man.

Landrieu won with about 66% of the vote with estimated 62% of those votes cast by African Americans, now that was only because of two key factors. Black voters want to keep their credible leadership and because older generations of black voters feel a strong sense of loyalty to the Landrieu family.

Since Maurice "Moon" Landrieu, Mitch father, the mayor of New Orleans three decades ago, from 1970-1978, had paved the way for blacks in politcal and business leadership. They have high expectations for Mitch. He is still highly respected by African Americans.

There is much more of recovering to be done in New Orleans, that will take a number of years and a lot of work. It would make this a whole lot easier if not for the vexing matter of race.



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