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Can Marissa forgive J.R.? Can J.R. stay away from Annie?

Marissa confides in David while waiting for J.R.'s check-up
Marissa confides in David while waiting for J.R.'s check-up

Last week Marissa fumed at J.R. for his infidelity with his step-mother, Annie. She even hissed at him, "I hate you." However, her words said one thing, and her eyes said another. When faced with a fateful check-up at the hospital, Marissa agreed to drive her estranged husband to his appointment and wait while he met with his doctor. She cannot turn her back on her severly flawed husband.

Clearly Marissa has every right to fume at J.R. for indulging in a steamy rendevouz in bed with his step-mom (one that put the final nail in the coffin of Annie and Adam's already dying marriage). Marissa has stood by her man through his difficult moods and debilitating cancer. But, she is tied to J.R. in too many ways to let him go despite his betrayal. She is the sister of his first wife, Babe, a surrogate for that lost love. She has adopted his son, Little A., her nephew as well, and cannot abandon an already motherless child.

But here's the rub. Despite the fact that J.R. tossed Annie out on her little fanny from the Chandler Mansion, dear cousin Scott (whom J.R. had the audacity to remind is not a blood Chandler) has now invited Annie to live in the Gate House.

Uh oh. There's no way Annie can stay away from Lucrezia's chocolate chip cookies; you know, the ones they are always sending Little A. to the kitchen to get, and before you know it, Annie will be sneaking back into the mansion. Like the snake that she is, this venemous witch will slither right back into J.R.'s bedroom and destroy Marissa and J.R.'s marriage for good.

And that's great news because J.R. and Marissa are as interesting a a snooze alarm, but put J.R. at the helm of Chandler Enterprises with Annie on his arm, and watch the sparks fly.