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Can Leaders Cry?

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I ask you, whose fault is it that I could never give my boss what he wants?

I ask you, is it fair that I am just packing up from a very long day and it is now 11pm and he calls and asks, nicely mind you, if I will get him some information that will take, oh maybe another two hours?

Whose fault is it that I end up pulling an all-nighter to get the damn task done and perfect?

I ask you who should be put in an executive cell for overworking staff and making everybody mad.

OK you say just calm down.

Sure, I will as soon as you tell me that it is OK to tell my boss to go jump off the biggest cliff he can find (even though we are in Oklahoma and everything is flat and flatter.)

Wait, you tell me I am playing a role in this drama? I am playing victim? I am being a martyr? I am a whuss who will not set boundaries?

Nah… never mind! I will find someone else to talk with, you just don’t understand!

Wait you say. Read “Don’t Bring It to Work” and learn about how to set boundaries with everyone and anyone on your radar. You say that my patterns of victim and martyr are old ones from my original organization, the family. You say my boss can be managed and will listen once I learn how to talk with him effectively.

You say if I don’t have time to read the book to email you at and you will give me a quick cheat sheet in how to talk with your boss about boundaries.

Got it… I am emailing right now….. hey can I have Joan, Jim and Jody contact you too?