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Can it be shipped media mail?

Use Media Mail wisely.
Use Media Mail wisely.
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eBay sellers do a lot of shipping but often the lines are blurred on what can be shipped USPS Media Mail. Don’t assume just because an item “seems” like media or would be in a media center, that it qualifies for Media Mail. Shipping non-media items Media Mail can cause your customer to be charged additional postage fees on delivery. Make sure you know the rules before using this class of mail.

What can be shipped Media Mail? According to, approved media items include:


16 mm films

Printed music

Printed educational and test materials

Sound and video recordings


Loose leaf pages and their binders consisting of medical information and guides

What can’t be shipped Media Mail?

Board games (USPS has a handy flat rate box for those)

Empty CD, DVD, or VHS cases

Empty notebooks

Magazines (because they contain advertising)

Scrapbooking supplies and notebooks

Paper party supplies


Vintage advertising (regardless of age)

Anything not on the USPS approved list

Media Mail is a cheaper class of mail, but it often takes up to 3 weeks for the product to reach the buyer. The best way to use Media Mail is to add it as an option with Priority or First Class on your eBay listing. Let the customer choose the shipping option. Don’t assume a customer wants a cheaper method – they may want a faster method because they need the product quickly.

Also, don’t be the seller trying to cut costs by misusing Media Mail. Your customer may see you as a cheapskate or somebody who doesn’t respect postal guidelines.

For more information on Media Mail restrictions and guidelines, visit this page at

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