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Can 'I, Frankenstein' be comparable enough to last year's first comics flick?

When last year's latest of Tom Cruise's starring sci-fi drama was the initial array for comic book movies across 2013, it set a commercial pace marker at $37. million in March. Like this Jan.'s "I, Frankenstein", it, too, blooms to Silver Screen from an indie comic book. And it, too, was in theaters during a surrounding of high-profile dramas.

The 'Underworld' connections help to signify 'I, Frankenstein' for movie-goers.

At its second three-day in theaters, "I, Frankenstien" keeps its grasp inside the box office's Top 10 accumulators. Smack on the 9th spot, according to Box Office Mojo.

Liongate's adaptation has a bit more obscurity than "Oblivion", and complexes a harder-sell than a bottom line explainable sci-fi, which the comics series from Radical Publishers was, than the less drawn horror fan-base that Frankenstien is attempting to hook. Afterall, vampires and zombies are the interchangable leaders in mod monster fantasticals with werewolves being the ever-present close second. Frankenstein has always been a difficult cinematic trender once a breakthrough solo soon enough led to a franchise sequel teaming with The Werewolf, Dracula and a likewise modeled bride.

Still, "I, Frankenstein" stirred enough different than the rest appeal on ticket-sales of $3.7 mil.

Yet the dramas continue rolling out a high-end promenade.

Even with Jan. 31-Feb. 2's other second-week shower "Ride Along" (that drove up to a $12.3 seat at first place) the military-drama "Lone Survivor" held ground at 5th place at $7.1 million on its 6th week in theaters. Academy Award prime nominee "American Hustle" extends at 8 weeks out and maintained an 8th spot in the Top 10 garnering $4.3 million, right above "The Wolf of Wall Street" which had $3.5 million in commercial gains.

Now Feb.'s second weekend opens a door on a debut weekend, one with films possessing parallel lines in genres already in theaters. Over Feb. 7 to 9 a military period drama "Monuments Men" releases starring the re-teaming of no-introductions-necessary superstars George Clooney and Matt Damon, as well as Clooney and Cate Blanchett.

And a vyer along the supernatural forces sort of plot will contest "I, Frankenstein" in "Vampire Academy". This adaptation siphoned out of novels, a series penned by Richelle Mead, will have young starring actesses Zoey Deutch ("Beautiful Creatures") and Lucy Fry.

Another face-off for "I, Frankenstein" skates the takes on superhero offerings. "Lego Adventures" will animate the production effort from this first-ever Lego-based project co-screenwriters and co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, a pairing that brought "21 Jump Street" to theaters. The voice-over cast is strong, as in the ensemble reads a who's who of Hollywood's big names. For this ambitious animation epic Warner Bros. features Will Arnett ("The Millers"), Elizabeth Banks ("Pitch Perfect"), Will Ferrell ("Megamind"), Jonah Hill ("The Wolf of Wall Street"), Alison Brie ("Community"), Liam Neeson ("Taken 2") and Morgan Freeman - who takes us full cycle back to "Oblivion" mention.

"I, Frankenstein" begins the gamut of comics movies showing throughout 2014 with an opener of $8.6 million, a 6th place and one action-supernatural that has underwent indie obscurity to major feature film.

It seems to becoming a baton relay inducting a year of new comic book films once the threshold offered by by the independent comics adaptations is crossed.

The total "Oblivion" was able to generate in theaters domestic was $89.1 million, at $197. mil amongst international showings.

"I, Frankenstein" may be able to come close to comparable numbers in the long run, if it can withstand the oncoming draws on newer films even now commencing.


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