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Can I Claim for Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident?

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It’s a sad fact …

A terrible consequence of the increased popularity of motorcycling is the increased risk of accidents. Bikers are sadly more at risk than any other road users.

Why are bikers more at risk?
A car driver is protected by the chassis of his car. The metal absorbs a large amount of the impact during an accident.

  • A car driver also has the added protection of a seat belt that prevents the driver from being ejected on to the road and subject to severe and often catastrophic injury.
  • Airbags are yet another protection afforded to a car driver. These cushion the impact if a driver is forced forward or sideways at great speed or impact.
  • Motorbikes have narrow tyres. Although in terms of being deft to navigate, these tyres do not offer much traction on some road surfaces, and can slip and skid.
  • A motorcyclist is more likely to come off their bike because of this. If the road surface has been poorly maintained it is possible to make a claim for compensation against the person or organisation responsible for this negligence.

A motorcyclist has none of these protective luxuries. Their body incurs the most impact during an accident. With no seat belt they are at the mercy of the road, and without an airbag their impact is not cushioned. Without an external vehicle shell, there is nothing to protect the biker from whatever it is they collide with.

Have you been involved in a motorcycling accident?

  • Have you recently been involved in a motorcycling accident?
  • Was that accident not your fault?
  • Has that accident caused you any injuries or reason to loose income?
  • Have you sustained severe injuries that have meant you needed to seek costly medical treatment, or even make expensive adjustments to your home or way of life?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then contact the team over at Carry on Biking to discuss moving forward. They are a specialist firm of solicitors, with extensive knowledge of motorcycling accidents, and the aftermath that ensues. They are absolutely committed to making your life easier, and to recovering the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Why you should use a specialist firm
Knowing about bikes means they know about accidents. They know all there is to know about biking on and off road, with or apart from other road users. They are experts in the injuries caused by motorcycling accidents, and on what it takes to overcome, or adjust to these.
Understanding that the effects of the accident are not just physical is key; they extend to your emotional and psychological health as well. A biker is different from a car driver, from a lorry river. Unfortunately they are more at risk and often sustain much worse injuries in an accident. Because of this, they need to be represented differently. Choose a team of experienced solicitors to make your life easier for the next step after the accident.