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Can fire brakes stop wildfires along Interstate-80 to Sacramento

The grass along Interstate-80 to Sacramento can be ignited by a spark. Look how dry it is.
The grass along Interstate-80 to Sacramento can be ignited by a spark. Look how dry it is.
Sidney Drabkin

While traveling towards Sacramento, California, along Interstate-80 (I-80) from San Francisco and looking along the highway, you can see extremefire danger looking back at you(picture).

It would only take a spark from nature to start a gigantic wildfire that would be hard to control. On both sides of the highway, the grass is so dry that the fire-brakes are also covered with dry grass, which, it looks like, a fire would have no trouble crossing.

There are patches of green brush among the dry grass, which could indicate , that there is underground water: The question is, if there is, why hasn't the dry grass roots found it? Does this mean, that the green foliage has deeper roots then the dry grass?

It only indicates, in our opinion, that if a wildfire does break out the green foliage would burn too because the surrounding fire would be so hot that the green foliage would dry out and burn.

Houses, from what we can see, are real close to the dry grass, although, there are fire breaks near the houses. But, like we said, there seems to be dry grass on the breaks which could make it easy for a fire to cross.

There was one area which was blacken by a small wildfire: It went up to a fence and was stopped, which we could see from the road. This means, to us, that a wildfire did cross the fire break, but was not hot enough to ignite the fence; in other words, the ignition point of the wood, of the fence, was grater then the heat of the fire.

But this is only one incident where the house owners were lucky that a wildfire did not ignite the fence and reach out and burn the houses.

From what we can see, the home owners along I-80 should recheck the fire breaks along the highway, to see if they would do the work that they were made for.

One firefighter suggested, "If you have a swimming pool, make sure that it is full of water: It could give firefighters extra water to put out a fire, in or around your house."

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