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Can Facebook recognize faces better than you and your phototagging?

Facebook DeepFace
Facebook DeepFace

In a report released yesterday by Facebook, they found that their technology titled DeepFace, their computer vision and patter recognition (CVPR) or facial recognition software, has an accuracy of 97.25 percent.

On the plus side Facebook has advanced facial recognition software. But with that being said, what exactly are the uses for something like DeepFace? Right now if you post pictures to Facebook, for example, you have the option of phototagging—identifying others in the photo and linking to their Facebook accounts if one exists. In the future DeepFace could theoretically phototag faces in a crowd, invading privacy of everyone in the photo.

This technology might also be used to watch you and your ads so media companies can get a better idea about how you feel about their ads. Or maybe your face and Facebook data could be collected and stored in a database for later retrieval.

So, is this currently a threat to the 1.23 billion Facebook users? Not that we know about. Could it be in the future? Yes because Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed interest in the past about building out Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities including facial recognition and analyzing your status updates. He has even gone so far with his ideas to speak with investors.