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Can exercise really make you look younger?

Is it true? Can exercise really make you look younger?
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Who doesn’t want to turn back the clock a little when it comes to aging and how you look? Staying out of the sun, using wrinkle creams and drastic procedures used to be the only known ways to fight aging skin. But now there’s another. Can exercise really make you look younger?

It’s always been known that exercise gets your blood flowing; which in turn can help you look younger, but now it’s become more scientific. The New York Times recently reported about a small study at McMaster University that found exercise may not only keep your skin looking younger, it can also reverse the aging process as a whole.

The research study was done with mice, splitting them up into two groups, giving one an exercise wheel and the other nothing. The results were astounding showing the mice that didn’t exercise becoming weak, bald and ill while the exercised group revealed healthy brains, hearts, muscles, reproductive organs, even keeping their hair longer.

Based on the results from this study, researchers thought humans might experience the same effects. So in a small group of 29 male and female volunteers ages 20-84, they had half of the group complete 3 hours of moderate to vigorous exercise each week and the other less than an hour a week.

When the researchers took a close look at the volunteer’s buttock skin, an area rarely exposed to the sun, they found that those over 40 years of age who had been active had visibly younger looking skin, similar to someone in their 20’s or 30’s. These results were even present in those over the age of 65!

Although the study was very small and more research still needs to be done, the results are remarkable. Not only is exercise good for your overall health, it can also potentially make you look much younger than you are. So why not get out there and go for that run you've been meaning to take today?

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