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Can Electronic Cigarettes Prevent Skin Problems?

I've often times been critical of advances in health devices that don't have extensive clinical data behind them, but like they say, "there's always an exception to the rule."

In the case of the electronic cigarette, I'm willing to make an exception based on what I've personally seen and know about these devices and what's inside them. I also know enough about skin care that I know what can impact the skin and what can't.

Unless you've been living under a rock the last several years, perhaps you've seen the dramatic rise in popularity of the electronic cigarette. These water-vapor devices have been a smash hit with people looking for a nicotine product that doesn't have the tar, tobacco, or foul odors that their long-standing counterparts have.

While I'm not one to make assumptions, I'm taking some facts into consideration today when I make my bold statement that electronic cigarettes can help prevent skin problems.

Why is this?

Let's look at what we know. A cigarette has over 4,000 carcinogens. An electronic cigarette is said to have about 12. Tar is awful for your body, which in turn means your skin as well. E-cigarettes do not contain tar, nor do they have any property of chemical burning. That is, there is no combustion, which of course means there aren't any toxins wallowing into your face each time you puff one.

Cigarettes also have tobacco byproducts that absolutely eat at you from the inside out. According to WebMd, cigarettes "harm your appearance."

If you read electronic cigarette reviews, there are many compelling arguments being made for e-cigs, and I happen to be on the support wagon for these devices. To date, I haven't found another product that has taken the habit of nicotine consumption and offered it in a safer way than an electronic cigarette.

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