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Can Eating Beneficial Bacteria Make You Healthier?

Can Eating Beneficial Bacteria Make You Healthier?
Can Eating Beneficial Bacteria Make You Healthier?

It has long been known that your diet influences your general health and appearance. The foods that you eat can effect your weight, complexion, hair, and even the signs of aging, but now researchers are suggesting that they can also influence a person's "sexiness". There are certain beneficial bacteria that can help improve your appearance, and may even be able to make you sexier. This bacteria is known as probiotics and is a common ingredient in some yogurts.

Researchers have noted that eating yogurt contains probiotics caused male mice to project their testes forward and cause them to move with a certain sexual motion. In an article published in Scientific America, it was stated that the sexual sway of the male mice was caused by their testes weighing five percent more than mice who were not fed a probiotic yogurt in their diet. Mice who ate chips and other junk food had testicles that weighed on averaged 15 percent less. Not only were the yogurt feed mice moving sexier, they were also able to impregnate the female mice faster and also fathered more mice.

Furthering the study the effects of probiotic yogurt, scientists at Harvard continued the research on adult males. While it is still in its early stages, adult human males seem to experience the same improved quality in their semen, along with projecting a sexier attitude.

Beneficial Bacteria and your Weight
While there is more to being considered sexy than just a man's weight, it does help you feel and look sexier. Men and women who are trying to lose weight, need to also pay attention to the health of their gut. Research into weight loss and probiotics has found that the bacterial levels in your gut play an important role in losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

One example is that men and women who are overweight have almost 90 percent less of a beneficial bacteria known as Bacteroidetes and 20 percent more of a potentially harmful bacteria Firmicutes than people with a healthy weight. One of the problems with the higher amounts of Firmicutes is that it is responsible for turning calories from sugar into fat. Continuing the study into the effects of probiotic yogurt on the gut, researchers showed that people who were overweight were able to reduce the amount of stomach fat by almost five percent with probiotics. This by no means suggests that this will work for everyone who is overweight, the results of the studies are promising.

Probiotics and Women of Reproductive Age
Probiotics can help men and women lose weight and appear sexier, but it is also important for women who are in the reproductive stage. Studies are showing that not only is this bacteria beneficial for a woman, but also for her unborn children. Probiotics can help to reduce the risk of some health problems including autism and attention deficit disorders. This healthy bacteria can go on to help develop a baby's immune system, and make it easier for them to accept many of the standard childhood vaccinations.

Sources of Probiotics
Almost everyone immediately thinks of yogurt when they are talking about probiotics, but there are other sources of this beneficial bacteria. For most people yogurt is an easy and delicious way to ensure proper digestive health and feel sexier, but not all yogurts are created equal. When you are looking for probiotic yogurts, make sure that it is not pasteurized since they will contain more sugar than beneficial bacteria. Organic yogurts are you best choice when looking to add probiotics to your diet.

Other sources of healthy bacteria include,
* Fermented milk and soy
* Some fermented vegetables like cucumbers, eggplant, or cabbage
* Lassi (a yogurt drink originating in India)
These foods can help to replenish the beneficial bacteria, without any unnecessary sugars or other additives.

While research is still being conducted on all of the benefits of healthy bacteria, it is known to help with weight loss and digestive health. Feeling attractive is part of being sexy, and when you feel good it shows in your appearance. Men can also enjoy the benefits of healthier sperm along with powerful exercise program, and even an added sexy swagger in their walks, while women can use the healthy bacteria for a healthier pregnancy and baby. Even with no definite answer on all of the benefits, it does seem that eating beneficial bacteria can make you sexier.

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