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Can Democrats 'manage' anything?

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Obamacare Oregon is another failed system. As an independent critic of government performance, it is this analyst’s observation that Democrats often set about a noble purpose, but lack competence to implement. It used to be that Republicans were generally better at managing government, though they lacked affinity with addressing people’s needs and attending to their necessities.

So, what are citizens to do? Choose incompetent representatives whose hearts are in the right places, or choose incompassionate representatives who are intent on doing nothing? Those are bad choices.

The case in point is Obamacare and the specific instance is Oregon where the governor is a Democrat and a physician. Doctors don’t make good managers unless they have experience managing.

“It could have been outstanding

A scathing outside analyst report released this month shows that Cover Oregon suffered a cavalcade of mistakes early on: poor management and governance; bad communication; flawed planning and goals; and a strained, inadequately structured relationship with Oracle, its contractor, that failed to align expectations and payments.

The troubles don’t end there. The Government Accountability Office is investigating the exchange and $300 million in federal funds that the U.S. government authorized for the project. The state’s two Democratic senators and a GOP congressman had all requested that the GAO do so.

“I don’t think anyone’s happy with where we are,” Bruce Goldberg, a physician and the interim executive director of Cover Oregon, said in an interview last month, before resigning. “We’d like to see us be in a different place. We’d like to have us have an operating website. But [305,000] people with health care in our small state is pretty dramatic.”

Those who made it through the protracted sign-up process are grateful. Sheri Hendrix, 59, of Grants Pass, got covered Jan. 1 — and fell down the stairs and broke her ankle five days later. Still, the system was so balky that it took Hendrix nearly two weeks to confirm that her application had gone through the troubled exchange and that she wasn’t on the hook for the $32,000 her treatment cost, including surgery to piece her ankle back together with pins and plates.”

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It is time to select and to elect representatives in government who have the skill, knowledge, experience, and a successful track record. If they are professional politicians who have not accomplished anything, vote for someone else.



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