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Can children be moral without religion?

Oftentimes I am asked how I teach my children good morals and values without a religion. It's really quite simple. Morals are reasonable, and they make sense to humans. It seems logical that to teach a child to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, allowing them to understand why they are morally good would be more effective than simply telling them to do something because their religion says so.

Part of the power in raising free thinkers is that a parent knows that their child is making conscious choices. A child raised in free thought will do things with intention, and purpose...even if it is not the best purpose. When a child makes a solid moral choice they do it with the intent of being good, and not because a religion told them to do so.

In short, being moral is to recognize the distinction between right and wrong. I don't see how religion plays a role in that. Having morals is a basic human concept.

You can teach your child good morals and values by having good morals, and modeling good behavior to them. If you lead by example your child will follow your lead. If you do things differently than you tell your child to do things…your child will take notice and will likely do as you do, not as you say for them to.

You should surround your children with family and friends that share similar morals to your families. Explain to your child what morals and values are important to you and teach your child to hold themselves to a higher moral code and to do right things because they are the right thing to do.

Allow your child free inquiry so that you can be sure that your child fully understands the reason why you hold them to the standards that you have set forth, and welcome your children to challenge the process at any time after they have given their due diligence.


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