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Can blogging help you to get a job?

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Just as social media, carelessly used, can sabotage job search efforts, social media like blogs also can help job applicants to be hired. This article will discuss blogs and how to use them effectively to get jobs.

Such blogs have specific characteristics which can include:

  1. A web site that is updated more often than most web sites.
  2. Posts that usually are arranged from the most recent post at the top to the oldest post at the bottom.
  3. Topics that will allow the job searchers to establish credibility in their fields.
  4. Posts that are instructional or informational.
  5. Posts that inspire and allow comments and a lively interaction with readers of the blog.

Such blogs are especially appropriate for older, more introverted professionals who have much knowledge and many skills to showcase. Blogging allows such professionals to highlight their knowledge and skills much more effectively and thoroughly than can be done with mere resumes. Blogs allow space for well-informed, thoughtful articles about critical issues in the writers’ professions.

Such professionals also can use their blogging to build a dedicated readership. Such a readership shows potential employers that the bloggers are well connected because they can create and keep connections with people.

Such blogging also shows potential employers that the blogging professionals have kept current in their professional fields and have skills that are currently sharp. Positive comments from readers help to verify such impressions to potential employers who are managers and not knowledgeable in the bloggers area of specialty.

Those who are more comfortable on the internet can create their own blog. For those less comfortable on the internet, web hosting services will make it easy to create a blog.

Many bloggers eventually have even published books based upon their blogs. The names of such books, commercially successful or not, are still valuable additions to resumes.

Although there are many blogs to compete with, those who are searching for jobs would do well to consider the merits of blogs.

Those job searchers who have outstanding scholarship and writing skills might want to consider submitting articles to the professional journals in their areas of professional specialization. Such articles will need to be exceptional, but they will be more impressive to potential employers than blogs.

Have you ever created a blog or published in a professional journal? If so, what were your impressions of this endeavor?