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Can baby boomers find love later in life?

Is it possible for single baby boomers to find love later in life? Absolutely! You are never too old to fall in love, but finding a new partner later in life is not always easy. Today, millions of baby boomers are finding themselves alone. Many are lonely and hope to find love and companionship again. But looking for love later in life can be an intimidating experience.

As the life expectancy of Americans increases, people are living longer, so many of us will eventually wind up alone. According to a recent Gerontologist Journal, one in three baby boomers is now single. Whether it is due to divorce or the death of a spouse, there are many 50+ singles who are alone and lonely. Most crave companionship yet fear the prospect of dating.

But things are different this time around. Most baby boomers over 50 have relationship experience. They know what they want in a new relationship and what they don’t want. They also know the characteristics and values they seek in a new companion. Single baby boomers have insight from experience in previous relationships and the perspective of age. They know what they are looking for, but where do they go to find it?

Today, online dating is the primary way people connect. Many 50+ singles now use internet dating and social media sites to meet new people. Boomers also meet people by:

  • volunteering;
  • traveling;
  • joining singles clubs;
  • joining book clubs;
  • signing up for group activities;
  • going back to school; and
  • participating in community activities and charity events.

But online dating is today’s most popular matchmaking tool. Most people now hook-up online and baby boomers are the leading online dating site users, according to research firm ComScore. A 2009 survey by found baby boomers are ‘one of the fastest growing segments among its more than 33 million members' and the most popular way for people over 50 to meet. Boomers also take advantage of social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for potential dating connections.

So, it is possible for single boomers to find love later in life with that special someone. With the wisdom of age and experience, they seek companionship and know what they want in a relationship. Many may opt to live together while others choose marriage. But baby boomers are never too old to fall in love.

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