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Can attending the company holiday party be an act of generosity?

December and January mark the months when many corporations, large and small, hold their Holiday/Annual company party.  Most of us are probably ambivalent, while others either love or hate these events.    People attend for many reasons, not the least of which is a feeling of obligation.  But, perhaps we could change our attitudes by considering attendance to be an act of generosity.   Giving, not necessarily of the materialistic variety, makes us feel better.  Truly.  So this year, when feeling a range of emotions from dread to ennui about the company party, think in different terms:

  • There are likely numerous people in your company who put a lot of thought, effort and heart into planning the event.  When we throw a party, we feel good when people attend and even better when they let us know that they appreciate the effort.  Find out who did the lion's share of planning and effort and make sure you personally thank them - at the event.
  • Even in the most stressful work settings and even if you aren't that social, you probably have colleagues whom you enjoy and consider friends.  Attend the event so that your buddies have someone to hang with.  Make a pact to support one another.
  • Join forces with some of those friends and take the time to mingle with newer or more shy employees and introduce them around.  We've all been in a setting in which we didn't know very many people and had to stare at a sea of little groups huddled together.  Be open, seek those folks out, bring them into the fold.