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Can America really expect reason from Iran?....wait until you hear this

Iran's Fars News Agency reported America is being run by Nazi extraterrestrials.
Iran's Fars News Agency reported America is being run by Nazi extraterrestrials.
Roz Mundo

Should anyone seriously wonder why there is frustration by Israel regarding Iran should get a handle on this latest bit of information that goes right off the ridiculous meter.

According to reporter Michael Wilner of the Jerusalem Post, Iran’s Fars News Agency ran a piece of news that claimed the United States has been secretly run by German Nazi space aliens since 1945.

According to the story after the conclusion of World War 2, aliens were spirited by submarine to a location in Nevada to begin a covert operation to conquer the planet Earth.

Um….spiriting aliens to Nevada would be a neat trick since Nevada is landlocked.

There are other outlandish claims, however one begins to comprehend why such paranoid thinking with nuclear weapons sends a chill through countries as Israel.

It gets better. The Fars News Agency claims President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 made official the “Tall White” government takeover. For some inexplicable reason, the description of Nordic is merged with aliens in a bazaar conflation. So these aliens apparently are tall, white, and Nordic looking.

See….you just can’t trust whitey. Also, shouldn’t these space aliens be tall and green?

There is a bumbling connection to the Eric Snowden caper where Iran’s news agency Fars claimed the mass surveillance made known by Snowden was actually an effort by the American-Nazi extraterrestrials to hide themselves to a human world they want to dominate.

Iran’s news outlet speculated that Snowden offered Russian intelligence “incontrovertible proof” to support the claims, and that Russia believes the report to be accurate.

Israel is used to preposterous stories being spun as being accused of vampire tactics as drinking the blood of kidnapped Islamic children, but as silly as Fars claims of extraterrestrials running the American government, nothing is allowed to be circulated without the approval of the Iranian government.

Naturally America is look upon as the evil empire and what better way to solidify loyalty and support to the Iranians than to have the people believe Darth Vader actually exists and the Death Star is a legitimate threat. All’s fair in love and war.

Sure it is troubling that disinformation is part of the game, however the extent in which people in Iran will manufacture propaganda to discredit its adversaries as the United States and Israel is a huge warning flag to what must be overcome. People pretty much believe what the government tells them regardless of the distorted truth.

Conspiracy theorists will naturally have a field day with this revelation from Iran’s Fars even though its credibility is extremely suspect.

Are we being setup for the great deception which is prophesized in the Bible? Perhaps, but it is doubtful Iran could lend any truth to what could be the most outlandish falsehood perpetrated on human kind.

Regarding the end times, Jesus sternly warned, “Do not be deceived.”

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