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Can a bush predict weeds? The forsythia can

The forsythia bush can clue you in on when weeds will be popping up

Can a bush really be used to help predict when weeds pop up in your lawn and garden? According to Preen, the forsythia bush can help in this process.

Each spring, the golden buds of forsythia act as nature’s early warning system: they’re a natural “weed alert” that signals that the seeds of crabgrass and other early weeds will begin to germinate in a few weeks. Gardeners have two chores at this time: apply mulch and sprinkle pre-emergent on top of it to stop garden weeds as seeds, before they start growing. Forsythias typically bloom for several weeks before early garden weeds germinate, giving gardeners time to get out and do some preventive maintenance.

If you miss this weed-stopping window, don’t worry – there are plenty more where those came from. Other weeds will germinate throughout the season – even crabgrass continues to germinate through fall as long as conditions are favorable.

For best results in minimizing weeds long-term, develop an annual prevention routine focused on seeds and spot action. Over time, the results will lead to less weeding.

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Information in this piece provided by Preen.

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