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Camvertible Video Camera Stabilizer

Camvertible Video Camera Stabilizer
Camvertible Video Camera Stabilizer
Camvertible Video Camera Stabilizer

Get Silky Smooth Footage with a Stabilizer That Combines with Existing Gear for Endless Combinations. Vanvero Design Inc., founded by Anson Kung, an engineering student at UBC and amateur videographer, is poised to make a splash with its first product: The Camvertible Video Camera Stabilizer. Using a novel concept, this stabilizer is designed around the idea of attaching to existing photo/video accessories to add both function and counterweight. Videographers of all levels will love its endless customizability and fluid stabilization effect. Recently launched on Kickstarter, it raised an impressive $10,000 within the first 2 days.

“My dream is to make videography accessible and affordable for everyone, from executives to students on a budget…” – Anson Kung, Founder of Vanvero Design Inc.

What started as a side project focused on personal development and learning, has blossomed into an exciting new start-up. With a company vision to “…empower photographers and videographers with truly innovative tools…”, Vanvero Design Inc. is setting the bar high with its first product. True to their founder’s vision, the Camvertible is indeed very affordable; with a price tag of $200 less than the leading competitor.

“As a videographer, I was very frustrated with what was on the market. As an engineer, I set out to design my own” – Anson Kung

Thanks to the patent pending universal attachment joint, which allows attachment of any accessory equipped with a standard camera screw mount, videographers can now switch instantly between the Camvertible and the attached accessory (such as a monopod or slider). This is a game changer, since anyone that’s used stabilizers before will have realized how time consuming it is to move the camera on and off the stabilizer.

As it stands right now, the Camvertible and monopod bundles are fully functional and can be used right away. However, there are some slight performance tweaks I will be working on from now until the end of the campaign to make it even better from a user's standpoint, such as making knobs smoother, aesthetics, bearing viscosity, etc. The production factory I've outsourced to in Ningbo China is very experienced and I'll be personally on the ground during production to make sure things go smoothly.
July: Minor design changes to optimize performance, aesthetics, and ergonomics
Early-Mid August: Begin production run
Late August: Start shipping rewards to backers

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