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Camu Camu: Dr Oz's Recommended Superfood

A new superfruit grown in Peru, Brazil and Venezuela has recently become very popular for its amazing health benefits. The fruit is actually a berry called Camu camu. It is light orange in color and about the size of a lemon. This Brazilian berry grows mainly in the Amazon rain forest of Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are vital in keeping us young and healthy. It also has more vitamin C than any other food in the world. In fact, one serving of camu camu contains as much vitamin C as ten oranges. It is no wonder that people everywhere are talking about this amazing superfruit.

Including enough Vitamin C in our diet is a very important part of staying healthy. Our bodies cannot make this vitamin on its own so we have to make sure we include it in our diet through foods or supplements. Vitamin C is actually an antioxidant that helps to fight off certain diseases as well as wrinkles and aging. It also helps to prevent macular degeneration which is the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 55. Just one serving of camu camu in powder form can provide up to 1180 percent of our daily requirement of Vitamin C.

Camu camu contains healthy amounts of iron, niacin, potassium, beta-carotene and calcium. These are all important minerals that our body needs in order to function properly. It also provides amino acids that help our bodies absorb and use Vitamin C. Animal studies have been made that show camu camu also contains anti-inflammatory properties that could possibly help relieve the pain of arthritis. It contains anti-viral benefits that can help with conditions such as cold sores, shingles and herpes.

Camu camu is usually taken as a powder since the actual fruit has a strong sour taste. The recommended dosage is one teaspoon per week. It can be added to oatmeal or yogurt, and many people add it to their favorite shakes or smoothies. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use camu camu since no studies have been made on the effects of taking this fruit for long term. There is also some concern that it can interfere with chemotherapy medications in patients with cancer. Even though camu camu is considered to be generally safe, always consult your doctor before you begin taking any kind of supplement especially if you are already taking other medications.

Even though our bodies need quite a bit of Vitamin C to function properly, large amounts can sometimes have negative effects. Too much vitamin C can lead to digestive and kidney problems in some people. Those who have had kidney stones or stomach ulcers in the past should avoid large amounts of Vitamin C as this could lead to more episodes. Even if you are completely healthy, it is important to never exceed the recommended dosage of any kind of supplement. Camu camu is perfectly natural, and if taken properly, can help you feel younger, healthier and more energized.

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