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Campus Martius is Gathering Place throughout four seasons

Just right of center, behind the white hoop structure, you can see the Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument.
Just right of center, behind the white hoop structure, you can see the Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument.
Image by MJCdetroit from wikimedia

Campus Martius sits in the crossway of Woodward Avenue, Monroe Street, Fort Street, and Michigan Avenue. If you have Bing Maps installed on your computer, see the aerial view of this historic location.

What was once a mosquito infested bog became the parade grounds for troops preparing for the Civil War. Throughout the mayoral administrations of Dennis W. Archer and Kwame Kilpatrick, plans were drawn, contracts were signed, and construction was completed for today's town center, Detroit's Gathering Place.

From concerts and music festivals, from skating rinks and holiday trees, from great food at the Fountain Bistro, from crowd pleasing gardens, from the soothing sounds of both the Woodward Fountain and the Waterwalls, Campus Martius is a welcoming and exciting place to be. Just west of the Woodward Fountain is the marker for the Point of Origin. This is the spot from which the streets of the city were laid out by Judge Woodward in the early 1800s.

There are three statues that call Campus Martius home. The Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument faces southward toward Woodward Avenue. It features four water drops marking the points of the compass. There are two markers at the north edge. The Monroe Market stands for Art and Culture, and the Woodward Marker stands for Industry and Technology. The steel, granite, and glass markers are lit at night.

Why not plan to visit Campus Martius for the 2010 Tree Lighting Ceremony taking place on Friday, November 19 from 6 pm to 8 pm. The ice rink will also open in November. The current schedule is to be open November 12, 13, and 14, and then close for November 15 through 18, and reopen on Friday, November 19 following the tree lighting ceremony. If you want to schedule a skating party, give them a call at 313 963 9393.

Want to check it out. Here is a 24/7 webcam of Campus Martius.

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