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Campus cooking is back, college campus food pantry is growing trend

Empowered minds want to know. The change is school food menus in grades K-12 has made a remarkable change over the years. Sure kids want their sweets but there is no denying that young consumers are taking advantage of the healthier choices. More children now eat lunch than skip it altogether.

Nutrition education is rubbing off on college student’s More fruits and vegetables are n school cafeteria meals than ever before, and you don’t need a gourmet kitchen and cooking utensils to make a good hot home cooked meal. Students don’t have a lot of cash either local food pantry’s work to keep the college student from going food insecure. Not to mention last winter made going out difficult in below zero icy temps, food pantries are opening up on college campuses nationwide.

The rising cost of college is causing students and parents to dig even deeper in already food insecure pockets Some fifty colleges now have food pantry’s run by student volunteers. Sixty-percent of college students surveyed last year said at some point during the academic year they went without food. The key is getting the word out around campus and off-campus that the pantries are there.

Gamut of students Being proud and not asking for help when you need it. There are hundreds of cooking styles and students tend to be handier in the kitchen than their own parents. Eighty-five-percent of college students said social media was a great place to find a simple variety of recipes and how-to video’s and apps. Students want dining experience without the hassle and cleanup and meals that reflect use of the foods they get from a food pantry. Home cooked food last for a few days and can be heated in a hurry.

More adults are going back to school due to the job crunch Fewer dollars to spend on food means the meals have to count and be nutritious for the family. Many college students are also parents. The trend of a global kitchen that accommodates a variety of diets is holistic in its value to the community. Fast food still has its place on campus but they may find themselves becoming less so due to the student demands.

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