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Camping on the Road at Viejas Casino

Not beautiful scenery but inexpensive and great to walk around for exercise
Not beautiful scenery but inexpensive and great to walk around for exercise
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You can enjoy a camping trip without spending a bunch hotels. One such option is the Viejas Casino. The Viejas Casino is located at 5000 Willows Road in Alpine California. Please make sure to call ahead to make sure that they still allow you to park in the lot and sleep overnight. They have in the past however policies can change at any time. Historically they have allowed free blacktop boondocking. This is not camping. This is parking in your car in a parking lot and sleeping there. This is a private business so make sure they will still allow you to do this. Historically they allowed you to stay up to 72 hours. Historically you would register with the security office. The security office is on the east side of the building inside the building. The security office historically would give you a form to fill out. Historically the form required you to write in the departure date. A great thing historically about this area where historically you could do free blacktop boondocking is that there are free shuttles in the parking lot. This provides you with some sense of security. The shuttles historically would take you to the casinos or to the outlet shopping center which is across the street from the casino. A great thing about this area is that the parking lot historically was very well lit. Another great thing historically about the site is that there were no garbage bins in the lot so no garbage smells. Near here is the Ma-Tar-Awa Campground. This campground makes for a good backup plan. That campground is typically about $22 a night for camping only. Typically it is about $32 a night if you want full hookups. If you are not camping but want to use the dump station the fee is typically about $15 for one time use. The outlet mall across the street is great to walk around to get some exercise in. They have stores, eateries, and even an interactive water fountain and an arcade not to mention a bowling alley and miniture golf course.

Park and sleep to save
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