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Camping Assateague Island

Camping at Assateague Island on Maryland State Beach is nothing short of camping out at a wildlife preserve. There are wild ponies and deer and exotic birds all over. It is not hard to wake up and see horse standing out in front of your tent. There is camping on the Bayside or you can camp in the sand on the beach side which is blocked by a dune from the ocean. Either way you are bound to see beautiful wildlife and nature all around you. That being said this is a campground that is true roughing it camping. There are no real bathrooms, they are outhouses and the shower is a trickle of water covered by a curtain. So be prepared for not much of a comfort station when it comes to public restroom area. So if you are there in a tent and it is up to how long you will feel comfortable staying in those kind of conditions. There is also Room for RVS and trailers to camp here. And it doesn't what time of year it is you will get a new wind coming from the shore so if you are in a tent be prepared for that you might need to rope your tent down to something else. But if you're prepared for the rough type of camping conditions this is definitely a campout you do not want to miss! The beauty and pristine ocean and wildlife and nature that you will see is far from second rate. And camping out is a a lot of fun when you have children it gives them so much to explore and to do including cooking over a fire. This place is ideal for camping during summer because you can go play at the ocean and camp out, in the spring, winter or fall it gets pretty chilly and cold. But even during the cooler conditions you are able to see the beautiful wildlife, hike nature trails and explore the campground. That has so much nature and beauty to offer!
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