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Camping and backyard fun

Backyard camping
Backyard camping
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When the grandkids visit, setting up a campground right in your own back yard can be quite adventuresome.

Setting Up The Tent
Kids love helping set up the tent. Today's tents are simple and easy to set up so even the little ones can help. A dome tent works well, and is assembled by flexible poles that bend in semi-circle through loops in the top and at loops on the bottom corners. Once set up, just anchor into the ground with the metal anchors supplied. If you don't already have a tent, they can be found at the Columbus, Ohio area sporting goods stores.

One of my readers, Mary B., submitted the following idea for a campsite. She and her grandchildren started the campsite idea when her grandchildren were 4 and 5 years of age and continued until they were 12 and 13, and even today when there is anything needing discussion, they call a Camp Midas meeting. Mary says that Camp Midas was much looked forward to each summer when the grandchildren would come to spend the week with Nana.

The Campsite and Activities
Once the campsite is set up, some structure gives the kids the feel of what going to an actual campground is all about. Ideas could be to have the mornings for activities and crafts spending about 20 minutes at each site set up around the yard.

Activity ideas could be for journal writing, math, reading, art, etc. depending on the age of the grandchildren. Activities can be adjusted or several sites set up by age. The campsite can be for a day or a week of activities.

Lunch time can be prepared ahead of time by placing the vegetables and meat in foil and cooking on the grill or if you're more adventurous and space available over an open fire or simply supplying various cold cuts and condiments so the children can assemble their own lunch. (be sure to check as some counties do not allow or require permission ahead of time for an open fire).

After lunch, break time can be spent in rest time or simply time for reading, writing, drawing or coloring or if small children just playing quietly with their favorite toy. This also allows grandparents some quiet and rest time also.

Then afternoons can be spent going on a field trip like to a nearby walking trail and exploring nature along the way with discussions on how nature interacts with our world and any similarities between the two or possibly just spending the afternoon swimming.

After supper, it could be free time until bedtime, but of course don't forget to make the S'Mores.

Talk with the children or child and let them come up with a name for your campsite and a theme for the day or week.

Once the camping day or week has ended, everybody should help with clean up.

What ideas have you thought about for summer fun with the grandchildren? There are many activities in the Columbus area to explore for spending quality time when the grandkids come for a visit.

Making it fun and making memories is what it's all about even if you don't venture further than your own back yard.

Thanks to Mary B for her interesting and fun activity for the grandchildren. Visit Mary B's Kaleidoscope for more of Mary's interesting ideas and links to her photography.

If you have a suggestion for an activity or article topic, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below or you can always email me at .

If you enjoyed the article, we love and welcome all comments in our comment section below, and that way you can keep the dialog going with other readers and enjoy their comments. 



  • Mary B Summerlin 5 years ago

    Thanks for the way you presented the idea of Camp Midas. It was quite well done. We have some videos of Camp Midas days and love to see them and enjoy the memories.

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