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Campbell’s Soup Serves Up A Milestone

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Still "M'm! M'm! Good!"
Campbell's Chicken Noodle Still "M'm! M'm! Good!"
Campbell's Soup Company

"M'm! M'm! Good!" You bet as Camden, New Jersey based Campbell’s Soup Company cooks up a major milestone this month. Ringing in 2014, the company is celebrating the 80th birthday of its iconic Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup.

Originally launched as Campbell’s Condensed “Noodle with Chicken” soup, it was the first of its kind and an important innovation for the food industry. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle was cooked up in 1934 by the company’s head chef Ernest Lacoutiere as a tasty and affordable meal option. When it was introduced the soup sold for 10 to 12 cents a can and quickly made its way into kitchen cabinets and cupboards from coast to coast.

Four years after it was introduced, Campbell’s changed the name of its “Noodle with Chicken” soup after a radio announcer on the widely popular CBS program “Amos ‘n Andy” slipped up live on the air reading commercial copy. As legend has it Amos, played by Freeman Gosden, called the product Chicken Noodle soup and the rest as they say is history. Within days of Gosden’s on-air flub, Campbell’s began receiving large orders for its product.

As more and more households were serving up Chicken Noodle Soup not only for kids at lunch but for families at dinner time, renowned artist Andy Warhol further solidified the brand in 1962 by painting the wildly popular “32 Campbell’s Soups,” which included Chicken Noodle Soup. The artwork further established the brand in pop culture.

Today Campbell’s uses almost a million miles of noodles in its Chicken Noodle Soup which is enough to circle the equator more than 40 times. In 2013 Americans purchased more than 200 million cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. The New Jersey company brags that its Chicken Noodle Soup has remained a Top 10 shelf-stable grocery item in the United States since it was first served up in 1934.

So the next time your are in the supermarket make sure you pick up a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and offer up a toast to a household staple that will make you feel "M'm! M'm! Good!"

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