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Campaign volunteerism and how to do it

With political season in full swing, the time is now to become a volunteer. If one visits candidate websites or subscribes to newsletters the invitations will come. Every single person has something to offer. People have time, money and skills that are useful to candidates. Time is invaluable. Some people are great communicators and have interpersonal skills that are ideal for campaigning. Some people are creative and can plan events or ways to reach voters. Some people are well connected and can help get candidates into rooms with the right people. Candidates need volunteers.

Voter registration is a critical way to assist a candidate or political party. Each state is different, but anyone can give a voter a voter registration to complete. Voter registration can be done online in many states. In Georgia the Secretary of State has a link for unregistered voters at

Canvassing, or door knocking, is one thing all people can do. An organized campaign will know which doors to knock on and which people to target. Going door to door is a good way to create a presence in neighborhoods.

Phone banking is another thing all people can do. An organized campaign will have phone lists of targeted voters to call. Calling like minded people is a good way to create interest in candidates. Voters go to the polls for candidates they feel connected to.

Donating or fund raising are great ways to contribute to campaigns. Some people cannot give of their time, but can spare a few dollars. Not all people can afford to give money, but the power of persuasion is valuable gift in politics. It requires people who are discreet and good at selling.

To connect with candidates and parties go online. Go to websites run by the candidates. They will be collecting contact information. They use this to e-mail and call interested people. Answer your phone. Screening calls will likely eliminate opportunities. Campaigns are all looking for people who will say yes to volunteering. Use social media to connect and communicate with the campaigns and like minded individuals. Go to the websites of the state and local parties. Calendars and event information will be posted there. Go to community events. That is the best way to connect with people with similar values and goals.

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