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Campaign for Clarity: Exact functional change is available for OKDHS, ask now

OKDHS a year after death, fires two more workers. Why so long?

Today, local news reports indicated that the OKDHS, The Oklahoma Department of Human Services has yet again managed to kill another Oklahoma youth, and this week, 2 workers were fired for a death that happened in early winter 2013. Will criminal processes follow?

++++++++At the end of this article, the public can find an tried, professional better answer to this issue of chaos at OKDHS. An exact suggestion of the right answer to STOP OKDHS from misusing it's power, hiring and retaining multiply convicted felons and damaging or killing our families. Suggestions falls over two links marked by the ++++++ series.

OKDHS is an unregulated agency for all practical purposes. The federal government has guidelines, and NO right to intervene in states where repeat performance problems show themselves. Such as this.

Within the early sentences of her State of the State Address for Oklahoma, Mary Fallin gloriously related the benefits and implied successes of the Pinnacle Plan. Per Fallin, under the direction of Deborah J. Smith, MSW of OKDHS The Pinnacle Plan. The Pinnacle Plan. Did anyone else notice there weren't really any achievements rolling off Fallin's tongue about the state of OKDHS? True measured achievements with OKDHS? Fallin noted with love that her OWN Mother was a social worker, in the HHS system.

The face of OKDHS brutalization of families gets 100% credit back to these two women? Oh. And Mary Fallin's Mum? Our system is killing kids, marginalizing families from bad situations to worse, and ........Oklahoma, in part because OKDHS is operating off of rigged up home brew systems that are archaic. It's Social Cannibalism at it's best. from the caring profession.

OUR OKDHS system is designed to generate revenue, and does over multiple environments. And will continue to do so, unless the public calls for change. There is NO available federal intervention, no matter how bad it gets, unless there is another Children's Rights case, a major federal lawsuit. The unwillingness for OKDHS to make real, logical changes surely doesn't have to be brought on by a lawsuit, when OKLAHOMA is in charge of OKLAHOMA for healthy, safe, fair and nurturing HUMAN SERVICES?????

At the top of your page, to the right of the title of this article is a button, you can use to email this article to YOUR elected officials, friends. Buttons there also allow for you to send to TWITTER or your FB account.

Oklahoma has refused to go to best practices. Best practices are the tried and true ways of handling anything from hiring, to documents to processing decisions and CHECKING those decisions intermittently to make sure they are helping and not powerplays of personality or impulse or political power in OKDHS.

Best practices were missing in OKDHS decisions, which did extreme damage as in the case of this young man from Midwest City, an area just EAST of Oklahoma City. Other dead children whose names come to mind are Serenity Deal and Aja Johnson. The youth who died, though multiple reports had been made in the month preceding his death ( and other months for years) did not put this youth on a highlighted high risk youth, outbound reports from OKDHS to the press indicated something to the effect they did not know him, but would find out.

Below is excerpted from a prior article written by the author.

EVERY elected official sitting in the Oklahoma legislature has gotten this in their mail box, on their fax or in their email. Not a problem if the public wants to resend it.

This writer's local professional peers have not spoken to this suggestion that seen here in print, and apparently noone has bothered to apply any other method that would help the people of Oklahoma or the Legislature slip the noose that continues to clog our courts, kill our children and fragment our families unnecessarily.


Let me try to show you what appears to be the next right thing and maybe could prevent some more of this too: because this is pretty tiresome for many reasons.

There is a national group pushing to effect policy changes over Social Services and Human Services practices in every state, by advising the US Congress on what is the next right thing. It is called CRISP. The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy.

+++++ THIS paper explains the reason why any HHS needs this nationally recognized CREDENTIALLING PROCESS that OKDHS needs to go through to stop the chaos. The profile link that follows is a recommendation submitted to CRISP address discovered needs within social work preparations processes, nationally.

YOU would not send your kids to a hospital, school or doctor, dentist or anything that wasn't accredited.

OKDHS is unaccredited, but they are there to rate the daycares in our community, and are the point of referral for needs related to child safety, child health insurance, money for families and pregnant women, eldercare, disabled. And more.

Social work philosophies are often tied in the minds of the public to programs like OKDHS, but in fact local social work schools have limited influence or applicable training connected to same. I often find local lawmakers eager to have fact based information upon which to develop plans and call for funding. They too are tired of the black eye of child and family maltreatment and death Oklahoma has.

++++ This group within the link here has a nationally acclaimed accreditation process THIS IS THE GROUP THAT DOES the accreditation. which hosts checks and balances.

The system of accreditation helps keep the consumer safe and served, and the providers in the system safe as well as the general public. That would be a proven win- win. BTW we don't have and have never had that. Poking around this link anyone can see the various groups who affirm the use of this group's method, including things like NAMI and other historic child and family service systems.

This writer has no clue why this concept is not being promoted directly by people in social work or public health education in Oklahoma. I suspect people do not know it is not necessary to be out in left field, and that accreditation even exists as a wellness promoter and a preventative.

Someone pointed out to me they had a genuine question of whether or not OKDHS or the State care or truly wish to bring forward meaningful and sustainable changes. I don't know the answer.

This writer will tell you as a parent, professional social worker and community member the number of human rights violations, the brandishing of swords and the bad ballet of the OKDHS CPS and juvenile/family courts and fostercare basically brings on wretching to vomit. It appears if this is not printed, it is not sustainably in the public eye, and therefore not up for consideration.

Yet has anyone considered the many year connections between publicly identified problems of people who either have had really crappy training, bad intent or whatever having held roles of authority, decision making, policy development and training.

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, girl and there is NOT a reason to give up, but there is a reason to check the recent core choices used, the plan used, the staff employed at all levels, the authority and skill with which it is drawn up, implemented and measured.

If the reader had no questions before or didn't know what to ask for....

1.) now is a great time to pull out a paper and write exactly what YOU are thinking. Write it down,

and 2.) immediately communicate them to elected officials.

and 3.) Send this article to your friends and family, clergy and teacher

and 4.) discuss it over dinner.

5.) Marie. Maybe she would speak for you? Sexual victimization and child abuse marr people for life

6.) This is part of the same problem.

Perhaps you too would like to live in a city and state that has more regard for it's most vulnerable... which are children, teens, families, the disabled and elderly.

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