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Camp meetings inspire the soul in NC

A group at a Camp Meeting site in NC.
A group at a Camp Meeting site in NC.
Photo courtesy of David Simon, used with permission.

Camp Meetings in the piedmont of the state of North Carolina have proven themselves by standing the test of time. These camp meetings date all the way back to the Brush Arbor meetings of the nineteenth century. At that time, farmers who were looking for community and spiritual renewal gathered for protracted spiritual retreats. These early settlers would be attracted by well known speakers, and would camp at these meeting sites for as long as they felt God's Spirit was moving among the people present.

Over time, even the most popular crazes die out. But Camp Meetings in the North Carolina Piedmont have continued to draw crowds annually for over two hundred years. The oldest Camp Meeting in North Carolina meets this year (2014) near Denver at the Rock Springs Campground. Dates for this year's meeting are July 28 through August 10. Another one of the meeting sites, Balls Creek Camp Meeting, began in 1853. The 2014 camp season begins Sunday, August 10 and continues through August 17.

Camp Meetings in the state of North Carolina include both preaching and singing. Meetings are held in open air arbors rather than large auditoriums. Participants can choose to sit inside the shelter or in lawn chairs under the trees. Some families own coveted cabins (called tents) near the Camp Meeting Arbor. If you have never experienced this taste of the past, consider dropping in for a concert this year. There is no admission, but a love offering will be taken.