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Camp Fire Boil Water Review

Camp Fire Boil Water Order

A mile South Of Vale (SE OREGON) is a lonely grave markerHere is a photo of man died of "thirst" along Oregon Trail in 1852
Photo by author
Thank God for our precious rains or freshwater!
photo by author

This Memorial Weekend the entire citizens of Portland face a “Boil Water Order” and this is very rare. However it teaches us how valuable pure clean rain water is to us All at any given moment. Salmon live in its very essence and humans die three days without it!

Something to ponder as we are approaching the last three days of May or the official start of the outdoor recreation season in America.

This weekend is also often the litmus test for real outdoorsmen and women in leadership and those wanna bees.

Our ancestral American Indian mentors cherished the big brave and the powerful female family protector; but it was the wise chief and medically savvy Shaman that kept the tribe safe for generations.

For example, pioneers thought “Beaver Fever” was thought to be a water-borne disease; but it was actually caused by eating toxic meat. Beaver Fever was caused by eating tainted young beaver meat after it had eaten the common, wetland Toxic plant (White Hemlock) tubers; whereas Guardia is a violent persistent stomach bacteria attacks from drinking tainted water.

The Portland bacteria of concern are “ECOLI”. People rarely die from this 24-hour encounter camping near a toilet; but live moves on.

The author was actually a U.S. Forest Service Wilderness Ranger in the early 1970s in the Largest Wilderness Area in the continental Wilderness in their bottle neck Wilds of Idaho. Frankly, most modern physicians actually lump these two threats of Beaver fever and bacterial infection into the same threat to campers and outdoors people.

First off, few of us eat furry beaver steaks any more at meals; so: “Beaver Fever” should go into the history books!

Actually, the first case of “beaver fever” was mentioned in Washington Irving’s fictional Book titled Astoria 1826; as these Trappers in the continental traveler’s epic were the first documented “victims” of beaver fever the winter of 1812. – Near Weiser (ID)

A digital copy of this book is available now for down load.

Astoria - Goodreads

www.goodreads.comHistoryAmerican History

Rating: 3.9 - ‎141 votes

Mar 4, 2014 - Will said: Astoria is a tale of two journeys. It is a ... Astoria is a non-fiction book about the Astor Expedition of 1810-1812, and the Wiki link can...

Fiction writer Irving mentions John Day and Snake River crossing partner RAMSAY CLARK grew sicker here by dusk with a fever on December 10th, 1812

A local Shoshone Shaman Weasel Lung volunteered to help bring these people back from a sure death; as He had seen the symptoms before in his tribe earlier.

Actual claims of insanity next spring observed in John Day were probably just a bad after effect on latent beaver fever that winter.

Normally beaver do not eat this plant unless very young or nothing else available.

Water hemlock (Cicuta douglasii)

Water hemlock is the most violently toxic plant that grows in North America. Only a small amount of the toxic substance in the plant is needed to produce poisoning in livestock or in humans. The toxin cicutoxin, acting directly on the central nervous system, is a violent convulsant. Clinical signs of poisoning occur when a threshold dose is reached after which grand mal seizures and death occurs…

Animals will eat water hemlock early in spring and graze on the green seed heads later in the season. The roots; however, are more palatable….. The underground portions of the plant, especially the tuberous roots, are highly toxic and very dangerous. Green seed heads have caused death losses in cattle.

Ok now most modern outdoors people need not worry about BEAVER FEVER” as it is very doubtful they would be desperate enough to eat a beaver.

Our Oregon Streams the carry pure rainwater are never a concern to this wilderness ranger. One can easily walk up to the headwaters and look for dead animals straddling the stream or Toxic Mine waste on top that could be a problem could be a problem.

Reader, I find it very humorous that modern science journals still link Beaver Fever with bacteria!

Giardiasis (beaver fever)

What are the symptoms of giardiasis?

People exposed to Giardia may experience mild or severe diarrhea, or in some instances no symptoms at all. Fever is rarely present. Occasionally, some will have chronic diarrhea over several weeks or months, with significant weight loss.

How soon do symptoms appear?

The symptoms may appear from 3 to 25 days after exposure but usually within 10 days.

For how long can an infected person carry Giardia?

The carrier stage generally lasts from a few weeks to a few months. Treatment with specific antibiotics may shorten the carrier stage.

The Truth about Giardia

-- by Tamarack Song

Sooner or later, almost everyone who spends time in the wilds comes down with it. Whether you know it as Montezuma's Revenge, Beaver Fever, Forest Flu, or The Trots; everybody knows it as Hell. Gut cramps, diarrhea, foul smelling burps, gas. The worst cases leave you nauseous and fatigued, with no appetite. Not a fun topic, for sure, but it's wrecked too many otherwise-beautiful outdoor adventures to ignore it.

Unfortunately, much of what we know about preventing Beaver Fever is bogus, which is why people keep getting sick. It turns out that the common preventive practice, filtering/sterilizing water, doesn't do much good. Fortunately, new research and field tests are showing the way to stay healthy in the wilderness--without fancy equipment or test tube concoctions.

What causes Beaver Fever?

It could be caused by any of hundreds of bacteria, protozoans, or viruses, and new buggers are brought back regularly by world travelers. Yet Giardia, a one-celled intestinal parasite, is the usual culprit. The condition is officially known as Giardiasis, yet most people simply call it Giardia.

Why is it such a problem?

· It's everywhere. 7% of Americans are carriers and the percentage is several times higher for outdoors people, children, and the world population in general.

· It's easily spread. Combine poor hygiene with the fact that a million Giardia organisms can hitch a ride under a single fingernail, and in no time your camp will be doing the Aztec Quickstep.

· It's persistent. Cysts can live several months outside the body.

How is it spread?

“For years it has been presumed that Giardia was spread by water contaminated with animal feces, which is why the name Beaver Fever. Hikers and campers have continually been warned not to drink untreated wild water by the medical profession, outdoor experts, and the Forest Service and other agencies.

It turns out they weren't entirely wrong: they knew there was a Bear in the woods, but they were barking up the wrong tree. Studies have shown that a high percentage of Beaver, Muskrats, and Cattle are infected with Giardia, so it was assumed they were the primary source of the Giardia organism infecting humans. That is until the growing amount of data showing that Beaver living downstream from campgrounds have a high Giardia infection rate, compared with a near-zero rate for Beaver living in more remote areas. Here we were blaming the poor Beaver, and it now looked like we were infecting them!

Sure enough; a 1979 study concluded that “humans are considered the most important component" in the spread of Giardia. More recently, an article in the 1990 issue of the scientific journal Environmental Management states that “waterborne transmission of Giardia is believed to be the LEAST common mode of transmission overall.”

All those potential camper who feared dying from toxic water in Nature can now relax this summer forward and enjoy You great outdoors =as a Family!

Never the less, Modern Camping Hygiene is likely a new science and I recommend sending these folks donations for promoting truth and sharing it!

How to prevent Giardia

Because there are more--and riskier--ways of contracting Giardia through improper hygiene than through bad water, preventive hygiene is the answer. Outdoors, where cleanliness is lax due to group cooking and lack of running water, along with outdoor bathing, cleaning, and toilet facilities, strict hygienic practices are necessary to prevent infection and illness. Space is limited here; however, if you would like a copy of Camp Hygiene Guidelines, along with a more detailed report on Giardia, send an SASE to Teaching Drum Outdoor School, 7124 Military Rd, Three Lakes Wisconsin, 54562. Or you may request an e-copy from

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Survival Water! How to filter water in the wild!

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