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Camp David Old-timey Cinnamon Rolls and the benefits of cinnamon

If you enjoy farm fresh foods and handmade baked goods then look no further! The entire Charlotte countryside and Cleveland County (nicknamed Charlotte's playground) region is waiting for you - and it's all in good taste.

Try some mouth-watering, handmade cinnamon rolls for breakfast soon!
Chef Marti Mongiello

We love visiting the farm to table delicacies of Ni Fen Restaurant in Shelby with nightly specials driven from the land, the homemade goodies at Carolina Crossing Restaurant in Grover, the slow-smoky-cooked BBQ at Bridges BBQ with lickin' dem fingers sauciness, the fresh grapes and aged local wines of Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard and Winery as well as the honey, veggies and fruits from Rhodesdale Farm! Other faves are Sushi Dojo since when we go there it's like living in Japan all over again, Joe's Place for real Thai food and more, Newt's for some crazy good shakes and burgers. These are the best that Cleveland County has to offer and the very reason we send our guests from Asia, Europe and around the earth - to them.

My friend Ervin, over at Ora Broad River Supermarket makes our special sausage that folks go wild for and he also recently began selling real milk in the glass bottle. Heck, I've seen some folks laugh over the warning when told, "it's a two dollah deposit for the bottle." The answer? "Mister you'll never see this bottle again, it's goin' up on top of my kitchen cabinets for old-times sake!" And yes, I'm just as bad. I've been buying Happy Home alcohol free flavorings at Ora also (like cinnamon, orange and almond), along with whole milk in the bottle. What's nice is that it is one of the last real glass bottle dairies left in our state and they make chocolate, 1%, 2% and skim also. Ora also sells Troyer Roll Butter in huge $20.00 logs as well as smaller versions. It's the real thing from the good ole days.

All of this adds up to the true capability to draft some recruits around my table three times a week and enlist them in the noble effort of defeating a huge, old-timey cinnamon roll! Cinnamon has some great benefits besides tasting great and reminding everyone about Santa. First stop by Ora Market, load up and head on home. Here's to your success at the farms, farmer's markets, dining, cooking and baking.

Camp David Old-timey Cinnamon Rolls
(updated for more modern ingredients)

A. 1 C Whole Milk (or use Rice, Soy or Almond milk) at 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

B. 1/4 C melted, Salted Butter (or margarine or other fake butter).

C. 1/4 C Sugar (or Stevia or Agave syrup).

D. 1 package Fleischmann's Rapid Rise yeast (1 heaping tablespoon).

E. 3 1/4 C Self Rising Flour (or others).

F. 2 T Cinnamon.

G. 1/16th Ground Cloves.

H. 1/8 Mace.

I. 1/8 Nutmeg.

J. 1 large Egg (or two egg whites or egg substitute).

K. 1 stick Butter melted (or margarine or other fake butter).

L. 2 T Cinnamon.

M. 1 C Raisins and 1 C Cranberries

N. 1 # Powdered Sugar

Mix items A through D and stir gently as a nice yeast mixture, then set aside in a warm place to let grow. After 15 minutes whip item J. the egg and then mix gently into the yeast mixture.

Now fold gently items E. through I. into a different bowl. Pour in the yeast mixture. Add a touch of Water or Flour as may be needed depending on humidity in your kitchen. Mix and need gently as the enemy here is overworking the dough which will ruin and toughen it.

Mix items K. and L. and now stir it into a slurry. Hold off to the side.

Roll out the dough and make the decision yourself. Do you want thick and fat cinnamon rolls? Or do you want thin and multiple layer rolls? This decision will control how thick or thin you will roll the dough. Slather with the butter/cinnamon slurry and consider item "M." to sprinkle on top before rolling starts. You don't have to add the raisins or cranberries. Begin rolling up into a pinwheel, cut into 1" thick rolls and lay onto ungreased sheet pan. Bake at 320 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes and check for tenderness to your liking. Take out and allow to cool.

Mix powdered sugar with a few drops of water until icing forms and drizzle or slather onto the rolls. Enjoy! You'll notice these have a grainy texture to the sugar that could only come right out of the 1700's. We used to make these all the time at Camp David for guests and more.

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