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Camille Van Brabander - E-Sports newest blonde bombshell [Pics]


Camille Van Brabander went platinum blonde a few days ago and she's gorgeous.  Some fans are shocked and others love it. The last time she paid San Francisco locals a visit, she was a brunette but this new look makes her seem raunchier, ready to party and hit the town.

It's amazing how a simple change in hair color or hair cut can make someone look so different. Not every result is the same but for those who work, it is striking as with Camille Van Brabander. It definitely fits her Sagittarius personality. Both colors work for Camille, she can be exotic and sweet in one and in your face ready to party it out in the other. Some people definitely don't have the look to pull both off.

Camille Van Brabander is a 18 year old Counter-Strike player from Belgium. One of the most gorgeous girls in E-Sports, she is rising star. Camille is Charlotte Van Brabander's younger sister. Charlotte is a professional Counter-Strike player turned poker player, she played in the counter-strike team LowLandLions by the alias of Sjlot. The Brabander sisters are known through out the gaming world in the Benelux.

Camille Van Brabander is following in her sister's foot steps in the world of E-Sports and making a name for herself. She has already competed in ESWC, and other lans such as FoM. ESWC is an annual gaming tournament held in France where the best of the best come and play for thousands of dollars in prize money. 

Known for her agressive game play, she's one tough opponent in game. Whether you're a guy or girl, she's always up for a challenge. The question is, can you beat her?

Fans all over are loving her new hair color but her close friends prefer the darker shade of Camille Van Brabander. As long as she's sporting this look, she's definitely got the number one spot in the most gorgeous blonde in E-Sports.

For more information on Camille Van Brabander, you can visit her MySpace.

Which look do you prefer the blonde or the brunette? Share your thoughts.

Photo credits: Camille's Facebook


  • genoa 4 years ago

    This is a good article. I've seen her on sk-gaming and never thought she was a player at a high level. I love the color of her hair. Thanks for this article

  • Nai 4 years ago

    @genoa, thank you!

  • KrITIK4L 4 years ago

    As genoa, never thought she was a real player... about the hair colour, brunette, allways :D

  • Lorenzo 4 years ago

    eey ik wil je wel x uit dage:P
    pro sweet player

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    She looks so hot brunette