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Camilla Parker Bowles will have queen title then Prince Charles becomes king

Camilla Parker Bowles will be known as Her Majesty The Queen when Prince Charles becomes King of England.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Camilla Parker Bowles will be queen when Prince Charles becomes King of England. A poll taken by YouGov show that most of the British don't mind Camilla taking the title of Queen Consort instead of Princess Consort. Of course, this still leads to much debate in general given how Charles and Camilla got together in the first place. Princess Diana once said there were three of them in her marriage and it was a "bit crowded."

According to a report by IBTimes on June 10, it's mostly women at 38 percent who feel Camilla should have a "lesser" title than queen. 27 percent of men feel the opposite. They're alright with the Duchess of Corwall being Queen Consort. People over 60-years-old are less likely to approve of Prince Charles' lover-turned-wife having the title -- 41 percent preferred the duchess have a lesser title.

Overall, 53 percent of everyone polled feel it's not an issue for Camilla Parker Bowles to become queen. There's the "elephant in the room" so to speak that, "out of sensitivity to Diana, the Princess of Wales," Camilla not be given the title because a lot still link Diana with it. She divorced the prince, but the crumbled marriage had to do with Charles' affair with Camilla. Believe it or not, Camilla is the Princess of Wales, but deference to Diana has resulted in her being known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

So, will Camilla be queen one day? Another report in Royal Central states that Parker Bowles will automatically become queen upon Charles accession to the throne after his mother. She will take the title of "Her Majesty The Queen" as soon as Prince Charles becomes King of England. Moreover, "the proposed title of Princess Consort has never been used in Britain before and has little precedent elsewhere in the world," according to Royal Central. It would take an act of parliament to "reduce Camilla’s title from Queen to Princess Consort and many warn such a move could create a dangerous precedent for future use."

There's no question that when Prince Charles succeeds his mother, Queen Elizabeth, thoughts on Camilla Parker Bowles becoming queen will be strongly divided.

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