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Cameron to lecture at Phoenix MUFON

Acclaimed Canadian researcher-writer Grant Cameron will present a paradigm-shifting lecture at the January 18 Phoenix MUFON meeting at the University of Advancing Technology. Winner of last year's 'Researcher of the Year' award in the field, Cameron is at the vanguard of an effort to shift the paradigm of 'ufology' itself -- a refreshing facet of a larger scale paradigm shift developing in American society. It's a long overdue development, having been defined decades ago by the iconic Jacques Vallee, once a colleague of J. Allen Hynek at Project Blue Book, now a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

Researcher Grant Cameron sees a connection between UFO's and rock music.
Led Zeppelin

Cameron is one of a handful of speakers who sees the field in relation to larger currents of change in society and has taken key observations from history to extract meta-data from the reports, rather than chase down details in the raw data in a vain attempt to find the holy grail of a single case that 'changes everything', but never seems to arrive. Cameron has begun to think outside the 'box of context' that has constrained the UFO field since the late 1940's as much as a similar box of context has constrained scientific inquiry since the creation of the Cartesian Duality at the dawn of the age of reason.

Exposure to Cameron's broader perspective alone makes the lecture well worth the time of anyone with a passing interest in the field to attend.

It's also the best possible way to usher in a new year.

Despite four decades of dedicated effort in researching the niche of Presidential awareness of the UFO phenomenon, Cameron belies his own assertion that only people under a certain age are capable of shrugging off the constraints of engrained thinking and absorbing novel world-views.

The first step in the process is to drop the mummified acronym 'UFO' and recognize that the phenomenon that presented itself in the 50's as 'flying saucers' is larger, more fundamental to the core of reality and enigmatic than anyone (other than Vallee and an exceedingly small group of hard-science types and spooky intelligence operatives) has had the imagination to consider.

In the process Cameron is converging from his original position as a UFO genre researcher towards a conclusion point that others, including quantum physics thinkers such as Edgar Mitchell and Hal Puthoff, holographic universe proponents such as Michael Talbot, Karl Pribram and David Bohm and others are gravitating.

The model of a holographic universe, perceived by a holographic consciousness explains more high strangeness and paranormal activity than any amount of crash retrieval, debris analysis, military testimony and witness reports can ever do.

In short, we need a new model for the structure of reality to account for not only the historical data on UFO-like sightings stretching back to biblical times, but other so-called 'paranormal' but widely reported phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, apparent temporal relocation, ESP and reincarnation.

The current holy grail of physics, the Grand Unification of the Standard Model is not enough, as the base equation of that model may be incomplete. Solving for the Standard Model alone is symptomatic of a reductionist, non-entangled, materialist point of view. It's not clear that humanity can any longer afford the luxury of limited thinking.

The so-called Standard Model of physics has skewed western technological civilization and driven the American empire to the brink of self-destruction. The reasons are as much spiritual as scientific and an over-reliance on 'scientific thinking', working on limited principles, has created a monster of unsustainable culture, based on ever expanded growth and expansion on what, ever since the famous photograph taken by Apollo 8 of a single planet earth in a vast cosmos, is obviously a finite environment.

Cameron, along with former Fountain Hills resident Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle (author of the ground breaking 'Exoconsciousness") and to an extent Richard Dolan, author of a pair of definitive treatises on 'UFO's and the National Security' state are now talking about the badly conceived 'Disclosure' movement in larger terms of social evolution, citing examples such as the Suffrage movement that gave women the right to vote, Civil Rights which changed the status of citizens of differing skin color in our society and Gay Rights, which has made same-sex life partner choice a viable option (to an extent) in the land of the free. And while none seem to realize it, the sustainability movement, the post Peak Oil movement, barter economics, the Occupy movement have something in common with the social realignment Cameron and a precious few others envision.

Disclosure is not the best term for the inciting event that changes social consciousness. Las Vegas entrepreneur Robert Bigelow talks of confirmation, but that has its own concerns. A working social movement, however would provide the enabling platform for Confirmation, as Bigelow conceptualizes it.

Everything works as if UAPs were the product of a technology that integrates physical and psychic phenomena and primarily affects cultural variables in our society through manipulation of physiological and psychological parameters in the witnesses.
— Jaques Vallee and Eric Davis

If you thought stereotypical alien life forms based on our current conception of reality were weird, wait until you consider the implications of advanced forms of sentient intelligence operating in a wider reality than that bounded by our model and limited perception of reality. If the entities who utilize the advanced technology to appear in our reality and yet defy it are part of both the control and propulsion systems, essentially anything is possible and the bare facts of a given report, such as entities floating through the wall, are not only inexplicable within 'hard' reality but barely scratching the surface of possibility.

The twin modes of information perception provided by the analytic left brain and the intuitive right brain need to be unified in a balanced consciousness. The science, academic and political-industrial communities need to expand their personal consciousness to include social good as well as personal achievement in lieu of impersonal development for development's sake. The new-age spiritual advocates and leaders need to realize that they are, for better or worse, entangled in an enormous network of left brain consciousness.

Cameron sees dreams as a conduit of comprehension, infusing humanity with novel conceptualization that emerges as art, invention. Further, he sees the long historical record of UFO reports as a form of guidance of our immature and limited personal consciousness. Through that, he sees an effect on our larger cultural consciousness.

This mirrors the conclusions of Eric Davis and Jacques Valley in a seminal 2003 paper which came to a conclusion with the statement that "Everything works as if UAPs were the product of a technology that integrates physical and psychic phenomena and primarily affects cultural variables in our society through manipulation of physiological and psychological parameters in the witnesses."

It's the effect on the "cultural variables in our society" that is presumably the real goal and arguably the real value of the phenomenon. Cameron, like Vallee, maintains that the combined effects over time constitute guidance to an adolescent species, who has stolen the keys to nuclear fission and is joy-riding in dangerous an irresponsible fashion, giddy with the exuberance of discovery.

This guidance may be a form of enlightened self-interest. We may think we are the top of the intellectual food chain on the planet and have dominion over it with our economics and geopolitical agendas, but perhaps we influence a larger cosmic ecosystem of sentient conscious we don't even recognize properly in ways that we don't properly comprehend. Our neighbors may not appreciate that. In that context, the Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis of the late Mac Tonnies seems more appropriate than the 1950's extraterrestrial hypothesis, which Vallee skewered in a 1990 paper.

Cameron has great faith in the internet as an external manifestation of information entanglement, however he does not take into account the filter bubble effect which increasingly presents users with information that algorithms predetermine they will be interested in, a particularly insidious form of censorship. This actually reinforces the preaching to the choir effect that has hamstrung information exchange in the decades prior to the internet, nor does he consider the implications of NSA and defense/political/security hooks covertly embedded in the infrastructure of the internet. The recent ruling on net-neutrality can only be detrimental to the original open-source marketplace of ideas the early internet was based upon.

Creative minds are more open to the wider view of reality than deeply logical ones, which has recently provoked Cameron to document the references to a wider cosmic ecosystem in popular music. He has turned up a long list of artists who claim contact and/or have embedded notions of advanced intelligence/non-human life forms in their musical art. He sees the subtle influence of a guiding force on the rock music community as akin to a subtle manner in which great ideas come to the minds of science.

A graphic example is Led Zepplin, who utilized an early bar-bell type crop circle formation in the cover art of their 1990 Boxed Set release, which included cuts from their albums Presence and Physical Grafitti. The lyrics of Styx's 'Come Sail Away' are self evident as a vision of contact.

The Crop Circle sub-genre of the UFO field of investigation is the poster boy for both the enigmatic nature of communication by some form of advanced intelligence/non-human consciousness and the ability of humanity to live within the comfortable cloak of denial.

Authentic crop circles operate on the mind in an almost subliminal fashion, where as human created symbology, such as the recent NIVIDA viral marketing campaign for its 192 core mobile processor, are easily recognizable as such.

As the capabilities of large corporations to manipulate the media and memes such as the NIVIDA campaign grow, the discussion of details becomes increasingly polarized.

Cameron points, as Vallee did before him, to the fundamental similarities of the phenomenon across seemingly disparate historical waves as evidence that advanced forms of consciousness are attempting to as he puts it 'shepherd the growth of humanity.' Certain periods of UFO history are marked by characteristic report types, Cameron says, pointing to "the airships of the 1890's, the WWII era 'foo fighters', the angel hair of the 1950's, the space brother-contactee phase, the abductions popularized by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and Whitley Strieber of the 80's. That's where I got the idea that these beings, whoever they are, are basically just turning things on, turning things off and leading us through a forest. Someone is holding our hand, we don't know who it is, and we're following these bread crumbs, one to the other. Events are changing, it is not the same as it was and we don't know why that happens." It's as if, Cameron says, there is a process underway to lead us to comprehension.

One explanation for the distinct waves of specific kind of reports is that the phenomenon, whatever it is, presents itself in the cultural sensibilities of the time. The 1890's airship wave, for instance involved reports that mirrored science fiction writer Jules Verne's airship novels, 'Robur the Conqueror' and 'Master of the World', published in 1886 and 1904, respectively. Was it a case of fake newspaper reports inspired by his work (journalistic standards were notoriously lax at the time) as some claim, or was it a case of a phenomenon attempting to portray itself in terms the then cultural consciousness could relate to? Cameron believes the latter. "It's meeting us on the road where we are," he says. His position is that we are coming to see the true nature of the phenomenon and "understanding more and more what is going on."

The nature of the 'aliens' also changes in rather marked fashion, Cameron says. "From 1947 to 1952, there were no contacts. There was no one running around saying 'I'm talking to aliens.' The first 'contact' occurred only days after the [first] detonation of the hydrogen bomb. The [emergence of] the Hydrogen bomb in November, 1952 was significant and that is when the contactees suddenly appear."

Another Cameron observation is that the message has changed in syncronicity with human technological development. Shortly after the first use of the hydrogen bomb and through the early 50's, Cameron notes "it was all contactees, there were no abductees. The last great contactee case was in 1959. All the aliens were good, they looked like us and then you go into the 60's the Contactees seem to go away, the message of nuclear weapons goes away and the message goes to the environment. Now if you talk to abductees you get this message that we're about to take the world off the cliff in terms of the environment."

Looking beyond the simplistic explanation of 'aliens', Cameron muses "It seems to be some sort of process of the universe. If you look at the process of invention - Einstein has the dream about the toboggan and develops the theory of relativity, for instance." Dreams are a not fully understood form of altered consciousness. Native peoples have long considered dreams as a form of communication from a great spirit, or a higher form of consciousness, if you will.

Now that the acceleration of technological development in society has passed the mid point of the exponential curve and become a torrent of change, the question becomes whether or not the rate of consciousness shift among a critical mass of individuals in our society can keep up. The fate of the species may hang on the differential. If our collective conception of the complete nature of reality and our individual ability to achieve Exoconsciousness arrives in time, then humanity may yet win the race.

Cameron's penchant for pointing out how long social movements take to achieve their goals does not bode well. But society was once defined as 'the people you know'. Thus valley residents with a curiosity in anything paranormal and/or a concern for trends in society, be they political, economic, or ecological would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity to hear first hand and get to know Grant Cameron's voice.

Prepare to walk away with more questions than answers, as absorbing the ramifications of a new model of reality can be personally very challenging.

The January meeting of MUFON Phoenix will take place at the University of Advancing Technology, with the meeting commencing at 2:00 PM. Admission is $10 at the door, first come, first served. Seating is limited for one of the most provocative presentations yet by the organization.