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Cameron Diaz says everyone will be cheated on, find out if you'll be next

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Cameron Diaz feels that everyone will be cheated on. She firmly believes that sooner or later, everyone will become a victim of infidelity. Cheating mates were a key topic in a recent interview Cameron gave to promote her new movie “The Other Woman.” On March 24 and March 23, The Loop and reported on Cameron’s controversial comments about extramarital affairs, which often catch many women by surprise and leave people and leave them uncertain what to do.

Unfortunately, Cameron Diaz’s remarks reflect the prevalence of infidelity which can strike anyone at any time. In her new movie, Cameron Diaz plays the part of an unsuspecting woman who accidentally finds out she’s being cheated on by a man she thought was single who turns out to have a wife and two other mistresses on the side.

Like Cameron, many wives and girlfriends shocked when they accidentally discover they are victims of infidelity. It could easily happen to you. Honest answers to the questions below will tell you if you’re likely to be next unsuspecting woman to get cheated on by her mate, and if whether or not you’ll know what to do.

Will You Be the Next Unsuspecting Woman to Get Cheated On ?

  • If your husband/ boyfriend is seeing someone on the side, do you know how to tell if he’s likely to leave you for the other woman? See Will He Leave You for Her?

You could be the next unsuspecting victim of infidelity, and have no clue how to deal with the situation depending on your answers to the questions above.

Infidelity Could Happen to YOU

No one’s marriage or relationship is immune to infidelity. It could happen to anyone – even you. See How Can I Keep Him from Cheating on Me?

Your potential for becoming the next victim of infidelity, or for mishandling the situation if it happens to you increases with every “no” answer you have to the questions above. Even as few as 3 “no” answers put you in the danger zone.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship is to educate yourself about infidelity. Familiarize yourself with the signs of infidelity – the early warning signs, the signs of an affair in progress. Not just the obvious signs, but the subtle signs, as well. A good infidelity reference book like Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs can help because it covers practically every known sign of infidelity. The e-book version is available from for $37.

Studies have found that 2/3 of the women being cheated on have no idea their husband or boyfriend is having an affair. The future of your relationship may well depend on whether or not you recognize the telltale signs in time.

Obviously, you can’t deal with the problem of infidelity in your marriage or relationship if you don’t know that the problem exists. And you can’t afford to be the last to know. See What a Betrayed Wife Stands to Lose by Being the Last to Know

If you’re serious about wanting to safeguard your marriage or relationship, start with some of the articles mentioned at the end of the questions above.

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