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Cameron Diaz stuns at 41: Her age-defying diet and workout secrets

Cameron Diaz is happy not having children at 41, and loves being her age. "If I wanted kids, at any point in life, I would have them," Diaz told the Telegraph.

Cameron Diaz reveals anti-aging diet, workout and weight loss secrets in 'The Body Book'
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Cameron said she would adopt immediately if she felt the urge to become a mom, but that's not her priority right now. Diaz said she's enjoying her life and refuses to give in to pressure to get married or have children because that's what's expected of her at this age.

"This is the best time of my life," said Cameron. "I love being this age. I can’t wait to be older."

'Love and Take Care of Your Body'

Of course, when you look as great as Diaz does, it's easy to feel good at any age. Not surprisingly, she said her healthy diet, daily workouts and a positive attitude fuel her zest for life. Cameron has starred in numerous blockbuster films, but said writing her book, The Body Book is one of her proudest achievements.

“I wrote it because a lot of women don’t see themselves as beautiful," she said. "Once you understand how your body works at a cellular level, you’re able to have the body you’re meant to. And I’m not talking about a body like mine that’s skinny, or a body you think is better than yours. I’m talking about having a real relationship with your own body."

Diaz said once if we truly understood how to take care of our physical health, we wouldn't wish we were younger or thinner, but instead would develop a greater appreciation for our bodies exactly as they are.

Cameron accepts that aging means a certain level of physical deterioration, but that doesn't mean we have to fear getting older.

"Getting older is not just about your butt dropping, it means that our bodies start to break down and we die," she said. "But the journey from here to there doesn’t have to be one of hatred, wishing you looked like you did when you were 25.”

'I Feel Better at 41 Than I Did at 21'

Diaz, who said she feels better at 41 than she did at 21, said overhauling her diet made a huge difference in her skin and her energy level. "I used to eat fried food from morning to night when I was in my 20s," she told USA Today.

"As I get older, I realized I was working a little bit harder at digesting what I was eating, and I thought it is not fair to my body to keep doing this. If you are giving it a bunch of crap all the time, it will break down quicker and deteriorate quicker, so I stopped.”

These days, Diaz's low-carb diet consists mostly of healthy proteins such as chicken, fish, steak and shrimp, and grilled vegetables. Cameron also eats sprouts and seeds and avoids white foods such as white bread and pasta. Her preferred breakfast is egg whites, sautéed tomatoes, and steel-cut oatmeal.

Diaz maintains her hot bikini body by exercising daily, combining running, strength-training, and Pilates workouts. She isn't opposed to plastic surgery if it makes you feel better, but said she won't get Botox anymore because she didn't like how it made her look. "I've tried Botox before, but it changed my face in such a weird way," she said.

For now, Diaz is relishing the present and is moving forward with her trademark optimism and enthusiasm. "I’m very much a person who lives in the moment," she said. "When you come from where I do, there are so many ways my life could have gone.”

For more of Cameron's diet, workout, beauty and happiness secrets, check out The Body Book.

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