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Camel trekking in the Sahara Desert is an experience not to be missed

Viewing a Sahara Desert Sunset
Viewing a Sahara Desert Sunset

You may have visited many deserts however, nothing quite compares to a camel trek in the Sahara Desert. During a two-week tour of Morocco we took a camel trek into a Bedouin campsite in the Sahara Desert. There we camped overnight in a simple Bedouin tent. What follows are few highlights from our Sahara Desert adventure.

Fez to the Sahara

From Fez it was a long day’s journey to the Sahara Desert. After leaving Fez we spent most of the day crossing the Middle Atlas Mountains. Next we traveled through the Ziz Valley, onto Hamada (a flat stony desert) and then finally we reached the golden sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. There we would spend the night at Auberge Sahara.

A camel caravan

The next morning there was plenty of time for relaxing and preparing for our excursion into the Sahara Desert. We began our camel trek at 4 pm. in the afternoon. Travels into the Sahara Desert are best-attempted late evening and early morning. At this time of the day you get to experience the desert at its best.

Although I had ridden a camel on one occasion the two-hour camel trek in the Sahara was definitely a unique experience. The ride across the desert certainly gave us lots of practice holding onto the camel’s harness while going up and down the sand dunes. Fortunately I was able to relax enough to take a few photos. Riding the camel sure beats walking across the sand dunes to the campsite. Now walking on the Sahara sand dunes takes some practice. If you travel into the Sahara you will learn quite quickly to appreciate this unique desert environment.

A Sahara experience

When we arrived at our campsite the sun was going down. We climbed upon a nearby sand dune to watch the sun setting over the Sahara. Sunset in the Sahara Desert gives the sea of sand an amazing pink color. It certainly is an experience not to be missed. Even sunrise the next morning did not compare.

Sahara teatime and dining

Not many travelers can claim to have dined in the Sahara Desert. When we arrived we were served tea. Our dinner that evening may not been a gourmet dinner but it certainly ranks amongst my most unique dining setting.

Sunsets, sunrise and sleeping under the Sahara stars

Not only did we witness sunset before dinner but also after dinner there was an opportunity for stargazing. The Sahara is just perfect for stargazing before retiring to your tent. Some members of our group decided to sleep under the stars.

Next morning there was an early rise to catch the sunrise. An early morning tea followed Sunrise. Soon we were back on the camels to return to our hotel for breakfast.

Our Sahara Desert camel trek was an experience not to be missed. I am so glad to have shared this experience with fellow travelers. Now at least we can say that we have casted our shadows onto the Sahara Desert. These are experiences not to be missed. I invite you to join me in my travels in Morocco and elsewhere in search of the best in Spaswinefood. You may also visit my travel column at the Examiner.

© Sharon Parsons

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