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Camcho Ecuador: Beauty with personality.

The full line of Camacho Ecuador Cigars
The full line of Camacho Ecuador Cigars
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I am the first to admit that I am a model consumer. When presented with two items that serve the exact same purpose, I am 95% more likely to purchase the item in the cooler packaging in spite of a marginal increase in price. As a buyer, aesthetics matter to me. Much like with food and beverages, I "taste" with my eyes on the vast majority of my purchases. It's with that in mind that I was immediately drawn to the Camacho Ecuador.

The bold new re-branding at Camacho has captured the attention of much of the cigar world. The new image is bold, simple-yet-striking font surrounded in a sea of bright, intentionally conspicuous colors. The Ecuador is a welcome addition to the Camacho family of attention-grabbing bands. The deep chocolate hues of the Ecuadorian wrapper glisten with a beautiful satin sheen of oils. This dark beauty is embraced by a perfectly selected teal-blue band, the color popping against the wrapper leaf with precision and purpose. I spotted the gorgeous color of the Ecuador band our of the corner of my eye and immediately went to investigate further.

It's definitely worth noting the brilliant system Camacho has utilized with their new branding. The bold colors let smokers know what they're in for before even picking up a cigar. Their bands work as a gradient from light to full starting with Yellow representing the Connecticut stick and working their way to black bands on the intensely wonderful Triple Maduro and Blackout. To me - again the model consumer - this is a brilliant little addition to a brand that has benefited heavily from the new modernized look.

Please, rest easy that the Ecuador is no "trailer queen". This stick was created for one purpose and one purpose only. To be enjoyed by the throngs of Camacho fans worldwide. The construction is flawless as Camacho has come to be known for; the draw steady and light, billows of gorgeous white smoke are produced with each puff, and the larger ring gauge provides for a thoroughly smooth smoking experience. Flavor wise, the Camacho comes across well balanced if not over-simplified. There is something to be said for a consistent flavor from one end of a stick to another, however I tend to favor sticks with an evolving flavor profile as one continues to smoke it. That being said, the flavor of the Ecuador is beautifully developed. It is a full-bodied stick without being overly peppery or bitter. From the first puff to the last, those in the medium-to-full body crowd will enjoy a consistent full flavor with notes of coffee, chocolate and earth without the repercussions of a darker-spicier stick.

When all is said and done, those moments when one finds a stick as well-constructed, consistent and flavorful as the Camacho Ecuador, it is always a sincere treat and privilege to smoke. Don't let that vicious scorpion on the box fool you. These sticks are the opposite of venomous. Camacho -yet again- has knocked it out of the park with a beautiful, tasty, well-constructed smoke.